1 Week Before Wedding: Beauty Tips for a Belle Bride


Making mistakes is quite common among us. But making a mistake that directly affects your bridal look, is highly unacceptable. The moment your wedding is at a week’s distance, you have to be extra-cautious about your appearance. You must follow 1 week before wedding beauty regimen, to get the most bewitching and head-turning bridal beauty. Here is a complete guide to help you bypass any possible beauty blunders.

1 Week Before Wedding: Beauty Tips to Follow

Fitness First!

Schedule an hour for workout as a part of your 1 week before wedding beauty plan. It would not only bestow you with a younger-looking skin and shapeup your body, but would also relieve the pre-nuptial stress that most of the brides complain about.

Get Healthy Glow with Facial

About six days before the wedding, brides should make an appointment for a perfect facial. It leaves skin feeling noticeably softer and clearer.

Warning: Stay away from invasive procedures like laser treatments, chemical peels, and injections.

Block the Sun!

It is highly advisable to stop going outdoors, especially in the week before wedding. Apply SPF 25 sunscreen, anytime you are going to face the sun.

Start Exfoliating

Exfoliating the skin, brilliantly sloughs off the dead skin cells and gives you a fresh-faced and velvety feel. You can make a healthy homemade scrub with honey and a dozen drops of lemon.

Just do not overdo it. Exfoliating is recommended not more than twice in a week. Doing it often can over-strip your skin and cause skin dehydration. A dehydrated skin is hard to handle when it comes to the application of the makeup. Which may ultimately affect your wedding day look.

Be a Sleeping Beauty!

Over working, stress and lack of sleep may result in puffy eyes and dark circles. Do not forget to make a sound sleep, part of your 1 week before wedding beauty regime. Applying some high quality eye cream or eye-gel may also help relieving the puffiness.

No More Experiments and Keep You Regular Skincare Routine!

Trying something new at this stage, is quite risky. It may cause serious skin issues like rashes or allergies. No new beauty products or brands should be opted for, this close to the wedding. Stick to the beauty plan or brands you have been following from the past few weeks or months.

Gently wash your face with lukewarm water to rid of oil and debris, then apply toner, then moisturizer.

Stick to a Diet Plan for Clear Skin

All the brides should follow a strict yet effective diet plan in the week before wedding. There are certain things to intake and some food items to avoid.

  • Ingest more anti-inflammatory food items. It includes all the edibles and beverages that help controlling your blood sugar and insulin level in the body.

  • Add protein to your diet. Poultry, seafood and tofu are the best sources of protein. Especially the fish species like salmon, trout, halibut and various other cold water fish, come with radiance-enhancing traits. Making them a part of your daily diet chart benefit you as much as the in-take of three capsules of omega-3 fish oil.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are as much significant as whole grains and legumes are. All of these,not only ensure the enticing outer look but guarantee a healthy body in the long term.

  • Good Fats ensure a glowing and vibrant look. It brings the freshness from within. The edibles with good fats include olive oil, nuts and seeds.

  • Sipping in pure, fresh water about 6 to 8 glasses per day, not only purifies the skin but reduces the fat deposits on the areas like legs, hips and lower abdomen. Secondly, beverages enriched with antioxidants like green tea, are also the healthy option for fresh skin.

Limit Foods like Chocolate!

Another significant point to follow in this 1 week before wedding beauty regimen is to avoid any food item that may affect your skin. It’s not just about the oily food. Even if you are a chocaholic bride-to-be, stop in-taking too much of it in this final week. As it may cause blemishes on the skin.

2-3 Days Before the Wedding, Get Your Manicure or Even Pedicure

The big day is coming! Look your best!