Our Favorite 1st Anniversary Celebration Ideas


Your first anniversary as a married couple is a wonderful time to get creative and make unique memories that you can share as you continue on your journey in matrimony. Read on to find some wonderful 1st anniversary celebration ideas.

Our Favorite 1st Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Renew Your Vows

It’s been a year since you both said “I do”, so why not do it again? Repeating those important promises is definitely one of our favorite 1st anniversary celebration ideas. You can even make it an annual tradition, and your marriage will be all the stronger for it.

Go Out Somewhere Special

Do you have a favorite restaurant, or somewhere that has special meaning for you (the place you met, the place you went on your first date, the place you got engaged)? Book a reservation and enjoy basking in the memories together.

Plan a Sultry Night

Get out the candles, the rose petals, a bottle of champagne, fanciest lingerie – the whole shebang. In your everyday married life, it’s not always easy to find time in the day for making love properly, and on your anniversary, you deserve a chance to take it slow and enjoy every sensual moment.

Give Him/Her Something Homemade

A store-bought gift is nice, but a present that you made yourself shows dedication, love, and a personal flair that you can’t get from anything else.

Plan a Picnic

A romantic afternoon luncheon in the park is perfect on a nice day! If your anniversary takes place in the spring or summer, this is one of the best 1st anniversary celebration ideas. Pack a nice lunch and a pretty picnic blanket, and you’re set. Don’t worry if you see rain clouds rolling in – you can always relocate to the living room floor for an indoor picnic instead.

Get Crafty

Start a picture album, or better yet, a scrapbook! It’s a fun and creative way to document the important milestones, moments, and even goofy candid pictures throughout your marriage. There are all sorts of ways you can make a beautiful and personalized scrapbook, so hit up the craft store, get some supplies, and then work together to create something wonderful.

Sing a Song

Okay, so we can’t all be rock stars, but most people can at least carry a tune. If your spouse has a favorite song, why not take a crack at learning it? If you play an instrument, all the better – there’s nothing more romantic than a sweet serenade from the person who loves you most.

Write a Love Letter

Again, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to try your hand at romantic writing. Whether it’s a thoughtful note or a full-on love sonnet, writing a letter to your beloved one is a great way to show that you care. Get some fancy stationary for an extra touch of elegance!

Cook for Each Other

Oftentimes, there’s one person in a marriage who does the majority of the cooking. Try switching it up – if you’re not the one who typically cooks, offer your spouse a home cooked meal, and commit the time to making it just right. They’ll be impressed and touched, and it’s a great way to show that you care without having to spend big money on a fancy restaurant.

Make a List of Things You Appreciate About Each Other

This one explains itself. We often don’t take the time to tell our loved ones how much we appreciate them – this is a tangible way of making sure your spouse knows that the hard work he or she put into your marriage is noticed!

Watch the Wedding Video Together

Of all the 1st anniversary celebration ideas, this is the best way to truly relive those magical moments. Open up a bottle of wine, sit down, and enjoy re-experiencing the ceremony from a fresh perspective.

Return to Your Honeymoon Location

If you loved your honeymoon location, why not go back and relive the memories right there? It’s always amazing to see how places have changed.

Go Somewhere Neither of You Have Ever Been

Book two tickets to the wildest place you can think of (and agree on). Think of it as an adventure, and a way to step outside of your comfort zones and go somewhere new (both metaphorically and literally) as a couple.

Take a Dance Class

Ballroom, tango, swing dancing, you name it. There are all sorts of couples’ classes for beginners, and it’s a wonderfully physical and playful way of spending time with your spouse. You can take a drop-in class, or better yet, sign up for a full semester. Dancing is a great activity that you can enjoy together, and it fosters physical cooperation and intimacy that can translate into other avenues of your marriage.

Give Each Other Massages

A good massage is a gift like no other – it’s intimate, free, and easy to reciprocate. Get a nice massage bar, lotion, or oil, dim the lights, and take the time to slowly rub out all the tension in your spouse’s body.

Make an Investment

This may not sound so romantic, but just think about it for a minute. Investing in something together – whether it’s something intangible, like stock, or tangible, like a car or a house – is a wonderful way to show your commitment and dedication to one another. It may not be what you want to do on the exact night of your anniversary, but it can be a great anniversary gift that you can share with one another. After all, you’re in this together.

Have a “No Phones” Day

The prevalence of highly developed technology in the 21st century means that everyone is constantly using technology, and that can often come at the expense of spending quality time together. If you’re a couple that’s guilty of multitasking even when you’re alone together, one of the 1st anniversary celebration ideas you could consider is to put away all your electronics for 24 hours and to stay in the present moment with your beloved.