5 Must Know Things About Your Wedding Videographer


Photos are great for capturing a single second, but what about capturing every magical moment of your wedding? More and more couples are opting for wedding videography. Besides what is better than sharing your wedding with friends and family on the other side of the world? 

Choosing a wedding videographer can be confusing, but if you know these 5 things about your videographer you can make your wedding video a wedding blockbuster.


How Long it Takes to Produce the Wedding Video

This is probably one of the more important questions you should ask. Some videographers are notoriously artsy or slow in their video editing, and it can take months to finally see your happy moments on your TV screen. Select videographers actually have a staff of video editors or work through the night to deliver your wedding video the next day. Be careful though, this can come at a significant cost increase or a drop in quality.


Other Wedding Professionals They Recommend

Anyone who works in the wedding industry who is worth their salt will know other high quality vendors that you can hire. If a videographer hesitates to answer this question it usually means that they are new to the industry or untrustworthy. Watch out for both of these combinations. If they do give you references, make sure to call those businesses and ask their for their honest opinion on the videographer. It is better safe than having to work and pay a jerk.


What Their Wedding Montages Look Like

The best wedding videographers are the best wedding video editors, and the best editors make the most beautiful montages. I have seen brides, and even some grooms cry after watching a highlight video of their wedding set to their favorite love songs. A wedding montage should be non-negotiable. No one except you and your mother wants to sit and watch 3 hours of wedding footage. A highlight montage allows your friends and family to live though the most romantic parts of your wedding in ten minutes or less and are easy to share on Facebook and Youtube.


How Many Cameras Will be at the Event

Knowing how many cameras will be at your wedding, especially the ceremony is crucial. Videographers often have at one or more backup cameras filming. Things can get crowded quickly with a photographer, and two video cameras all competing for the same space. If you booked a small venue cameras can even block the guest’s view of the ceremony.


Do They Also Do Wedding Photography

These days most high end cameras take photographs as well as HD video, making it easier than ever to be both a wedding photographer and videographer. However not every photo editing wiz is equally skilled at editing video. If your photographer or videographer does offer both services, ask about about any bundle discounts for booking both.

Having a real HD movie of your wedding can allow you to relive the moment when you first said I do. If you can make know the answer to these 5 points you are already on track to have a wedding video that is fit for Hollywood!