Samples of Address Labels for Wedding Invitations


Addressing your wedding invitations by hand can offer a more personal touch and really shows your guests how much time and effort you took to personally invite them to your big day. But, if you have a guest list that ranges well over 150, this can be a time consuming and even painful process. While it is not recommended to use address labels for wedding invitations, sometimes it is just necessary. You will want to choose a font that closely resembles hand written scripts and to make the decision easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of sample label designs that you can get inspired from!

Unique and Elegant Address Labels for Wedding Invitations


Elegant Curls

The additional curls in this font give it an elegant yet playful touch. This address label can really give your invitation envelopes an updo and turn them from simple and plain to fancy and chic.


Bubbly and Warm

The bubbly feel of this font offers a touch of romance into your invitation envelopes. The pastel colors are the perfect fit for those spring and summer weddings and is a great way to add in touches of your wedding colors to the outside of your envelope as well.


Beach Affair

If you are going with a beach theme or even a tropical destination wedding, then these labels are the perfect option for you. The font is a beautiful cursive style that will give the impression that you had your own writing re-created for each of the labels.


Sweet Sophistication

Simple and sweet with a touch of class is what these labels say. The font is so perfect and clean that it doesn’t need all the extra bells and whistles. Paired with the white rose this is just a sophisticated label.


Picture Perfect

If you want to add in a bit more of your own personal touch, then you can pair a beautiful handwritten inspired font overlaid on one of your engagement photos. These address labels for wedding invitations are a great way to showcase your personalities.


Sleek and Formal

For those more highly formal weddings, you want to choose an address label for wedding invitations that will mimic the type of wedding you are throwing. This sleek and formal design uses an elegant font for the names and combine it with a simple gold border, making these labels scream formal affair.


Clean and Quirky

This fun font still gives the impression of being hand written but in a more quirky way. It’s a clean design that is suitable for any type of wedding but the font is better suited for those less formal affairs.


Stylish and Captivating

This flowing font is elegant and refined. Couples who have a sense of style will love how this pristine font perfectly matches their own. The font showcases the perfect balance of thin and thick lines to give it a classic look that will surely stand out on your invitation envelopes.


Diagonal Romance

The delicate swirls of this design gives off an elegant and refreshing feel. Perfect for those who want something elegant yet unique. The slight diagonal scripture lets this label stand out from the rest.


The customized hand-drawn poppies and the beautiful and elegant font of this address label let your guests know you put some thoughts into the address label. While this label is perfect for summer weddings, the colors and poppy design can be customized to better fit your wedding theme.


Wrap-Around Enchantment

The beautiful calligraphy font used on these address labels for wedding invitations are simply enchanting. The wrap around label is a great alternative to the simple square labels most commonly used. Combining a modern top and bottom border with a few dots of silver and gold color offers a stylish and elegant label your guest will definitely take notice of.


Modern Sophistication

If you are going with a classic and timeless theme for your wedding, these are the perfect labels with a modern twist. The black and white design is enhanced with the yellow inside box where the beautiful font is displayed.


Monogram and Sleek

Italic fonts instantly give the impression of being handwriting and these labels use it in a sleek yet bold way. Instead of just the names being done in a beautiful font, the entire label is in italics which gives a more personal feel. The simple and bold monogram next to the address finishes off this stunning design.


Vintage Charm

These address labels for wedding invitations are perfect fit for nearly any type of wedding. It gives off a charming and inviting feel that is elegantly done. Whether you are hosting a small and intimate garden wedding or a grand and luxurious formal wedding, these labels are the perfect combination of charm and class.



You do not have to stick with the simple black and white labels for a stylish and elegant effect. Add in some color that fits with your wedding theme and you can still have a stunning and modern design.


Contemporary Grace

Looking for a classic and contemporary design but with a modern twist? This label displays a graceful and elegant script with a modern garden rose details. Truly a unique and chic label for your wedding invitation envelopes.


Distinct and Charming

These labels are incredibly charming and homey. The entire design gives a handwritten impression from the tall loose font and even the lovely ribbon banner where the names are displayed. While you may not have handwritten each individual label your guests will get the impression that you put a lot of thought into this sweet design.


Round and Elegant

You do not need to stick with the traditional rectangular address labels, this round design offers just as much elegance and grace. If you want to stick with something traditional and formal but want something a little more different, this round label is perfect for you.


Old Charm Meets Modern Style

If you are looking for the perfect balance of something classic with an updated feel, these address labels for wedding invitations offer the perfect design. A classic style script is paired with a clean and modern design for a charming and sophisticated effect.


Rustic Chic

The wood inspired background on these labels is the perfect pairing for those rustic themed wedding. The beautiful script gives the impression of being engraved in the wood which just adds to the charming and chic designs of these labels.


Elaborate Sophistication

The various border and elegant calligraphy font gives off a bold and sophisticated impression. These address label for wedding invitations seems to flawlessly combine a vintage and classic font with a modern and contemporary design. This is one label that will make a statement on your invitations.


Wrap Around Celebration

This beautiful design is perfect for those couples who want to add a little bit of fun into their address labels. This clean and elegant design is sweet and chiming. You will really give your guests the feeling that you would love for them to be at your wedding with the fun “let’s Celebrate" scripture on the back.