Adults Only Wording for Wedding – What to Say and How to Say It


As a future bride, you dream of the perfect wedding, with a flawless program – a wedding where all guests can enjoy themselves and have a great time. And in your book, the only way to achieve that is by having an adults only event. While this may seem like a delicate and even taboo topic, it is not as difficult as you would expect… you just have to find the right adults only wording for wedding that creates no offense while making your wishes clear.

Adults Only Wording for Wedding – What to Say and How to Say It

Once you’ve embarked on your no kids policy, just know one thing: it’s a tricky situation! Yet, with the right words, everything will eventually seem less tricky. Here are a few popular solutions that will get your message across in a polite manner:

Solution 1 – Specify It on Your Invitation:

One of the easiest solutions to your ‘adults only wording for wedding’ problem is to simply write on your main invitation, after the date and time of your ceremony, include the following:

Adult reception to follow


An adult only affair


Due to various restrictions at our selected venue, children under the age of 16 are not invited.

Solution 2 – Specify It on Your RSVP Card:

If you wish to forgo writing your adults-only message on your main invitation, the RSVP card is another alternative. Here’s a simple way to do so:

____ Adults accepting

____ Adults declining

Solution 3 – Properly Address the Invite:

Write down the name of the people who are invited to your wedding and leave the children’s names out – otherwise, most guests can assume that their entire family is invited to your big event. You can do so by writing their names on the envelope and on the RSVP card as well, as such:

On the envelope:

Invited Guests:

Mr. Johnson & Mrs. Johnson

On the RSVP Card:

Mr. Johnson  ___will attend             ___will not attend

Mrs. Johnson ___will attend             ___will not attend

Solution 4 - Write a Note:

To add a note to your invitation is a good way to make your message clear. Choose adults only wording for wedding wisely to avoid being offensive:

Because we wish to give all our guests a fun evening, we have opted for our wedding day to be an adults only event. Hopefully, you will be able to still attend our reception and enjoy having a night off!

Solution 5 – In Case of Miscommunication

In case one of your RSVP cards unexpectedly comes back with a child's name on it, right under his/her parents' names, then get back to your guest by writing them a polite letter to let them know that it is an adults-only wedding after all. Here's a simple model to follow:

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for your prompt response – we received your RSVP card and we are so happy that you will attend our wedding. We noticed that you included little Eleanor's name on the card but unfortunately, we are not able to host Eleanor or other children at our wedding, due to the fact that the venue has limited seats. We hope that you will be able to make it to our wedding after all! Looking forward to seeing you there!

We apologize for the miscommunication.


Joan & Eric

Specifying that the venue has limited capacity is another viable solution of an adults only wording for wedding.

Remember to always be courteous, friendly, yet clear and concise at the same time when wording your invitation text regarding your no kids policy.