20 First Dance Alternative Songs That You Will Love


One of the more important decisions for a couple to make ahead of their wedding day is which song to play during the big “first dance.” If you and your significant other don't already have a special song, it can be a difficult pick. Everyone loves Frank Sinatra, but his songs have been played to death. You want to try and find a song that really reflects the personality of you and your loved one. Don't worry, you won't have to find one on your own. We've compiled a list of 20 alternative first dance songs to help your wedding be a little more unique.

First Dance Alternative Songs for the Bride and Groom


"Do You Realize" - The Flaming Lips

"Do You Realize" is a very unique first dance song. The lyrics are sweet for the most part and still fit the theme. The chorus does get a little dark: "Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?" but it can help us cherish every moment when we are with people who love us and we love. 


"Love Song" - The Cure

If you're going for something a little different, why not try something upbeat like "Love Song" by The Cure. Even better if you choose the acoustic version. It is a very upbeat option, and some really fun couples can definitely pull it off!


"Us" - Regina Spektor

This beautiful song is a little quirky. The use of string instruments along with pianos in this song makes it extremely romantic. Perfect for a first dance song.


"Harvest Moon" - Neil Young

It's a great song by Neil Young while not one of his most famous. It gives a little country vibe to your wedding. It's a ballad, but has a little hop in its step. It works perfectly as a first dance song, and the couple could really have fun with it.


"Love They Say" - Tegan and Sara

This upbeat love song is the perfect addition to our list of first dance alternative songs. It's cute, but very unexpected. Because they're a more contemporary artist, it also feels very fresh. Probably you haven't know anyone else who chose this song.


"Into the Mystic" - Van Morrison

While everyone else is picking "Brown-Eyed Girl" for their first dance song, try this other Van Morrison song for something a little different. It still feels like the perfect first dance song. A beautiful ballad with some very very powerful lyrics.


"I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons became hugely popular a few years ago, while it doesn't mean their songs are not perfect for first dance. This song is very romantic, but unexpected for a first dance song because of the upbeat and folky sound. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, the bride and groom can still glide across the dance floor and absolutely make it work.


"Heroes" - David Bowie

This is such a great David Bowie song, and you may not immediately think of it as the perfect first dance song, but it's such a good and unique choice. About living in the moment and giving love a try, even the movie "Moulin Rouge" covered the song when the two leads are deciding to give love a try. Give the upbeat Bowie's song a shot and I bet the guests will love it.


"The Book of Love" - The Magnetic Fields

If you're familiar with this song, you probably know the Peter Gabriel version, but it was actually originally written and recorded by the band The Magnetic Fields. It's an amazingly beautiful song that just makes you want to cry. You can of course use the Peter Gabriel version (It's also great), but the original is incredible and gives a much more interesting feel. If you want everyone to be tearing up watching you dance, pick this song.


"The Blower's Daughter" - Damien Rice

"I can't take my eyes off of you." That's the lyric that plays over and over again in this song. It may not be the most common song to pick, but you couldn't pick anything better than this song to speak out your thought! It's slow and romantic. If you're looking for something a little more traditional, but don't want to pick a cliche, this is definitely a great option.


"She Smiled Sweetly" - The Rolling Stones

This waltz is definitely needed to make the list of first dance alternative songs. The rock group made an interesting love song that's generally unexpected for a first dance. Since it's a waltz, you can definitely dance to it. For all the hard core Stones fans, this is a perfect song.


"Hysteric" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Such an incredible alternative song that would definitely make for an interesting first dance. It's a little more upbeat, but for the couples that just plan to sway out on the dance floor, this will still work.


"I Will Follow You Into the Dark" - Death Cab For Cutie

An awesome acoustic song. It's not very long, but it's just very sweet with a few unique lyrics. It's a song about staying with someone forever and being by their side. You can't get much more perfect than that at a wedding. "If heaven and hell decide, that they both are satisfied. Illuminate the  "no's" on their vacancy signs. If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, I'll follow you into the dark."


"Toothpaste Kisses" - The Maccabees

Such a funny and sweet song and a perfect choice for a couple who doesn't take themselves too seriously. The lyrics are adorable and playful.  It's also an extremely short song, so you won't feel like you're on the dance floor forever.


"Sleepwalking" - Modest Mouse

This song is a version of the 50's instrumental song "Sleep Walk" by Santo and Johnny. Modest Mouse added some lyrics and re-recorded the song, making a really ethereal and beautiful version. It's a great option if you want a dreamy feel.


"I Would Do Anything for You" - Foster The People

A great choice if you're searching for first dance alternative songs. It's sort of a cross between a ballad and an uptempo song. You can still  dance, but it's got a little snap to it. It's also perfect for clapping, which means you're friends and family will probably start it halfway through the song.


"Sea of Love" - Cat Power

Famously known for it's appearance in the movie "Juno," this song is short and sweet. It's a romantic song that's perfect for a few moments to celebrate your brand new marriage.


"Everlong" - Foo Fighters

Not many people would choose this as a first dance song.  While if you're looking for something completely different than the normal slow romantic song, it will be perfect to rock out on the dance floor. This song will definitely be a crowd pleaser. It'll really liven up the room and make your family and friends really pay attention to.


"Hold My Hand" - Hootie And The Blowfish

People love Hootie And The Blowfish's song! This upbeat song is certainly non-traditional, but it's fun and flirty. If you're looking for something different and unique, but still really fits the feel of a first dance song, this is a great pick.


"The Luckiest" - Ben Folds

Get ready to get out your tissues. Ben Folds is the master of pulling at your heart strings. This isn't an overly cliche song, and it really feels perfect for first dance. You're sure to remember which song you danced to 30 years later with this choice.