10 Types of Alternatives to Dancing at a Wedding Reception


Break free of the age-old tradition of dancing at weddings! You have already seen enough of your friends and family dancing hideously to all the popular tracks. It’s time to try something novel, something more fun and exciting! You don’t need to brainstorm; we have compiled the 10 coolest alternatives to dancing at a wedding reception right here.

Great Substitutes to Dancing at a Wedding Reception


Let the Game Begin

Virtual gaming is a common pass time, so excite guests with some novel options. You can pick from the suggested ones or choose as per your party theme.

  • Book professionals to host various board games, set up tables with instruction so that all can participate

  • To raise the excitement level, opt for stringed donut, croquet, or ring tossing

  • To get all hooked, plan out a game of murder mystery, with clues hidden/scattered, for the guest to find and solve the case.


Do-It-Yourself Stand

Give your guests an outlet to explore their creative side. Keep a stall full of simple everyday stuff that can be mixed and matched as per wish to build a beautiful something. This is a genius way to get kids enjoy the party along with the adults. Here are some ideas for starters.

  • Yarn-wrapped light jars

  • Mini-bunting

  • Embellished Matchboxes


For the Love of Music

Be it listening to beautiful songs or singing along, music is one of the best sources of entertainment. You may:

  • Try a disco night. To make guests groove to the beat, get a renowned DJ

  • Hire a live band, which could be a pretty cool pick.

  • Karaoke works great as one of the alternatives to dancing at a wedding reception, especially if most of your guests enjoy singing! A competition is a superb way to perk up the atmosphere.


Set the Stage for Performance

To get the party spirit going, you may select some of these tricks:

  • Magicians create illusions that enthrall kids as well as adults. Book a good magician who has some fresh tricks up his sleeve.

  • Stand-up comedian can bring in a humorous element in your wedding reception. All the laughing and enjoying will definitely make the get-together a happy one.

  • Professional singers are just fabulous. For a budget-friendly option, singing waiters are a fantastic way to go. Their flexible performances are quite apt for wedding ceremonies.


Introduce the Novel Artists

At times it feels more entertaining to watch some professional artists do their innovative thing rather than guests dancing, singing or gaming. Its uniqueness makes it more appealing to the spectators. Below are some ideas.

  • Caricature artists are quite the trend.

  • Bring silhouette artists for some originality.

  • Dancing styles from ballet to belly dancing are quite popular. For some spunk (if your venue allows it), acrobats and fire dancers can heat-up the party spirit.


All Delicious Edibles in a Table

Weddings mostly have a pre-set time when the lunch/dinner is scheduled to start. In between don’t you want to get those cravings for something to snack on? So why not spread out one for the guests. You can go ahead with the following choices.

  • A chocolate bar or sweet treat table is one of the most colorful and yummy alternatives to dancing at a wedding reception.

  • A snack cart looks so beautiful that guests can’t resist themselves. It also keeps the fun alive as guests can grab a bite, carry on with the fun activities and not feel hungry till the lavish meal is served.

  • For a classy reception, you may set a wine and cheese tasting table.


Keep in Sync with the Time of Year

Seasonal festivities are some brilliant ideas to incorporate in your wedding celebrations. They double-up the enjoyment and all the props are easily available at an affordable price. For marriages held during holidays, just embrace it with multiple happy amusements!

  • Consider yourself lucky if your wedding falls during the Halloween. Have a ‘haunted mansion’ or a carnival in school-fashion right at the venue.

  • To keep up the Christmas time merriment, invite the classic carol groups and also add a sweet-table for guests to decorate cute sugar cookies.


Venue Switch

Who says ballroom is the only place to host the reception. Set an example by trying something new and driving the guests to some interesting places where your guests can have fun.

  • Ice skating ring

  • Bowling alley

  • State fair


Enjoyable Things to Do at Night

Often marriage parties held at daytime are limited to lawn games and water sports. While hey, there are some dazzling things that are made just for nighttime.

  • Fireworks, paper floating lanterns, and sparklers are some bright alternatives to dancing at a wedding reception at night.

  • Install a photo/video booth. To attract your guests, keep a bucket full of funny, quirky and cute props to use when getting clicked/recorded

  • Build a tent for Fortune tellers and Taro card readers to enliven the fascination.


Simply Elegant

A wedding reception can exclude activities and focus just on the cake and meals. You can go for:

  • A brunch buffet, or

  • A 5 course dinner with menu which is pretty impressive, especially when planned exclusive by you and your spouse while keeping in mind the taste preferences of the guests.