Ditch the Cake: 25 Alternatives to Wedding Cake


Whether you’re not a big fan of cake or you want to do something new and unexpected for your wedding, there are a lot of alternatives to wedding cake for your wedding dessert. Check out these ideas to serve up something truly special at your reception.

Prettey and Yummy Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes


Dessert Bar for the Indecisive

A dessert bar would be a great choice if you can’t decide on one option for a reception dessert. You can either choose from your favorite desserts or choose from what’s best for the season.


Something Savory

Pizza is another unique reception option, except that it's not a dessert alternative to wedding cake. You can stack varying sized pies to create a tower that you can cut so you still get the ever important picture.


Breakfast for Dessert

Waffles are a different take on the reception dessert especially for a morning or early afternoon wedding. You could even have a waffle bar with different toppings and syrups.


A Crepe Cake

Stack crepes into a cake shaped tower layered with your favorite filling for a different take on the traditional wedding cake. You’ll still get that cake cutting picture, but with a special twist.


Go Nuts with Donuts

These little fried treats are becoming a popular wedding treat. Whether it’s glazed or powdered donuts, they are another great choice for a unique wedding dessert.


Sweet Tooth

Another highly customizable wedding dessert is a candy table. Pack it full of your favorite candies from childhood for an especially meaningful wedding treat.


Rich and Decadent

Made of rich chocolate and almond sponge cake filled with Bavarian cream, chocolate espresso charlottes really hit the spot. These decadent little desserts are a special treat for your wedding guests.



A traditional dessert of Maine, Whoopie pies are a handheld and fun alternatives to wedding cake. The cake like texture is reminiscent of a traditional cake but often comes in a lot of fun flavors. Try these for a less formal setting.


Snap, Crackle, and Pop

If you want something that looks like a cake but isn’t as heavy, try a rice krispies treat cake. You’ll get the effect of a traditional cake but have a lighter, airier, and more fun dessert.


A Childhood Treat

Nothing beats homemade cookies and a glass of milk. Tried and true flavors like chocolate chip and snickerdoodles are a perfect fit for a more rustic wedding. The dessert is especially good for later weddings.


A Different Kind of Cake

If you want the look of a traditional cake but also want something special, try an ice cream cake. You’ll still be able to get the pictures and give your guests a special treat.


Say Cheese

Cheesecakes are another twist on the traditional wedding dessert. You can have a larger cheesecake for cutting and miniature ones for the guests to enjoy.


Think Cake But Smaller

Cupcakes are a playful take on wedding desserts. There are so many flavors and toppings to choose from. You can either stick with just one or have a whole cupcake bar for guests to choose from. These are a fantastic option for less formal weddings where you just want to have a great time with your guests.



If you’re not a fan of how heavy cake can be, angel food cakes are great alternatives to wedding cake. It’s much lighter and airier. For an even more untraditional dessert have angel food cake pops. The little bites of cake on a stick are a sweet little treat for your guests to enjoy.



Especially good for a rustic wedding, s’mores are a crowd pleasing dessert that’s a different take on wedding desserts. For extra fun have guests make their own.


We All Scream for Ice Cream

If you want an interactive twist on the wedding dessert why not have a sundae bar at your reception. Let guests choose from flavors and toppings to customize their reception dessert experience.


Oh Me, Oh My

Create an Oreo cookie tower for a fun take on a wedding cake. This is a great option for more casual weddings where guests are getting more than just dessert to eat.


Edge or Center?

Brownies are delicious alternatives to wedding cake. Build a tower of brownies in different flavors for the traditional look of a wedding cake with a ooey gooey twist.


A Sweet Salad

Fruit salad is a healthy and tasty option for wedding dessert. Choose from seasonal fruits for a special treat. Fruit salad is perfect for vegan and gluten free weddings so all of your guests can enjoy your tasty treats.


Custard and Caramel

Flan makes a delicious and nontraditional wedding dessert. The custard and caramel treat is popular in Spanish speaking countries, but is a great addition to any wedding celebration. 


French Patisserie

French macarons are a colorful and tasty option for your wedding dessert. The great thing about macarons is that they come in so many colors and flavors that it’s easy to match your color scheme or menu. A tiered display of these delicious pastries is a perfect addition to any sophisticated wedding reception.


Apple, Cherry, or Pumpkin Pie

Whether you’re planning a summer or winter wedding there is sure to be a pie to match the season. If you’re having a fall wedding serve up some pumpkin. Got a summer wedding? Try strawberry rhubarb. For a portable twist on the already nontraditional dessert serve up pie pops. They’re just like cake pops but made of pie!


Carnival Treats

If you’re looking for a whimsical dessert why not try your favorite carnival snacks. Serve up elephant ears and cotton candy. This is another great option for less formal weddings.


Do You Fondue?

Fondue is a quick and easy dessert for your wedding reception. Serve a selection of fruits and other goodies for your guests to drench in decedent chocolate.


Holy Cannoli

These sweet Italian treats make great alternatives to wedding cake. They’re perfectly portioned and just sweet enough to satisfy that sugar craving. Choose from traditional filling or fun flavors like chocolate or fruit.