An Unconventional Bride - Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress


Celebrity wedding dresses are almost always highly glamorous, highly expensive and come with high-end designer labels. But when it comes to ‘unique’ and truly ‘one of a kind’ bridal gowns, with customized details and personalized until the very last decorative elements, there’s really no other garment that fits this description better than Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress and the accessories that completed her stunning bridal look.

Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress, Nuptials and Bridal Look

The Anticipation of the Nuptials

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married in 2014 and their wedding was, for sure, one of Hollywood’s most anticipated events of the year. But as much as it was anticipated, their wedding, venue and event attire were customized to perfection in order to represent the true bond between not only the two lovebirds, but also their unity as a family, with their 6 children. Prior to their nuptials, the couple stated that they were in no rush to get married and would only take the big step when their children asked them to. And they certainly did! Since the couple’s many children played such a major part in the decision to opt for a certificate and indulge in a glamorous wedding, it is not surprising that the little ones also had a few things to say - or, better said, to draw - when it came to the design of their mom’s wedding dress.

The Event and the Dress

The couple married on the 23rd of august 2014 in France, at their own estate called Chateau Miraval, in a very private ceremony with only 20 close friends and family members as witnesses of the couple's love. Angelina’s dress was designed by reputable designer Luigi Massi from Versace design house and it suited the superstar’s style to the nines: simple and very elegant, with clean and crisp lines. Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress was made out of white silk satin and featured an ample skirt with a train in the back – the bust was slightly creased to emphasize the star’s hourglass figure while the bodice remained form-fitted. To finish her look, Angelina pulled her hair up in a simple, yet elegant updo and opted for classic make-up with emphasis on the eyes. The dress was not the only creation made of elegant silk satin – Angelina’s shoes featured the same luxurious fabric, and she chose a classing pump heel to finish off the cohesive elegant aesthetic.

The Surprise

Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress was stunning in itself, but the surprise came when the gorgeous bride turned and revealed her very colorful veil. Angelina took the truly unique and innovative decision to allow and even encourage her children to apply their own artwork on her wedding veil, in order to obtain a truly original and memorable look that expressed the love between all family members, not just the two super famous parents. The stunning dress and the even more stunning bride, together with the world’s most original veil scored the cover of not one, but two major magazines, who made sure they had an angle that capture the highlight of the entire look: the colorful veil! Both People Magazine and Hello featured the bride and were sold within hours at all newsstands.

The Meaning behind the Unconventional Veil

According to People Magazine, the designer sewed in (both on the veil and on the train) lots of creations made by the couple’s six children at the request of their mother, who wanted an unconventional family affair instead of a traditional one-on-one wedding ceremony and stated that it would be 'the eight of us getting married'. Following the same intention, the children also helped their parents write their vows and were seriously involved in the wedding as well: the older ones, Maddox, (then 13), and Pax, 10, walked their mom down the aisle, Zahara, 9, and Vivienne, 6, were the prettiest flower girls while Shiloh, 8, and Knox, 6 kept the ring safe.

The veil featured a lot of drawings inspired by nature: both floral elements and animals such as zebras and lions, among creatures from animated movies such as Monsters, Inc. and scribbles of the phrase ‘dad’. Next to these, other illustrations featured industrial elements and technological depictions: plans, bikes and even astrology-related elements such as planets and stars. But one of the most surprising scribbles is the one saying ‘buttock fattock’, which probably depicts an inside joke or jovial teasing between the siblings.

The Comments

But such an unconventional dress and choice cannot possibly come without any criticism – and Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress received plenty of hate. From NY Post’s ‘Exhibit A in the case of overindulgent parents gone mad’ and ‘gross display of parenting run amok’ to the Independent’s questioning on whether the choice was a ‘couture dream or Disney princess nightmare’, the dress the famous actress wore on her big day definitely raised some eyebrows. But negative comments aside, the majority of sources all understood the bride’s intentions and declared Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress ‘a symbol of family love’.