24 Hour Wedding Shower Ideas


The bridal shower is one of the premier events for a bride to be. The idea of a 24 hour wedding shower is a fun way to break-up the gifts and keep it entertaining. Each guest is assigned a time of day and their gift must correspond to something the bride and groom could use during that time. There are plenty of variations on the idea and how to decorate for this fun bridal shower.

24 Hour Wedding Shower Ideas

As bridesmaids, planning the 24 hour wedding shower will be your task. Here are 15 ideas to make it fun for everyone involved.

  • Create a catchy invitation. You can find a number of creative sayings through Pinterest to recreate on your own. If you don’t want to design invitations yourself, check sites like Etsy for printable.

  • Have a theme. Themed parties are always more fun. If the bride has a special movie, show, or book that she loves – like Alice in Wonderland – consider them in the party around that.

  • Have simple finger foods. The last thing anyone wants to do after or during a bridal shower is worry about the mess. Keep snacks simple with items like veggie platters, mini cupcakes, fruit and dip, and crackers.

  • Be creative making decorations.  For an elegant floral theme, make large cupcakes and decorate them with a 2D tip that forms the shape of a rose on top.

  • Skip the party games. Making a wedding dress out of toilet paper or a hat from bows is overdone. Skip these outdated party games in lieu of something more adult.

  • Invite guests to offer their best relationship tips. Bridal showers are typically an intimate affair with the closest of friends and family. Let everyone take some time to give their own advice for a happy relationship and marriage.

  • Share memories. Another way to create intimacy during the event is to have everyone share memories of their time with bride or how they met. It’s sure to give a good laugh and maybe lead to a few tears.

  • Have spa gift bags. Treat your guest to a little something extra with take-home gift bags. You can fill these with basic gifts like homemade bath bombs and lip balm that is affordable and easy to DIY.

  • Keep the decorations minimal. Remember that after the party is over, no one wants to be stuck taking down countless streamers and balloons. Opt for cute themed table decorations and confetti instead.

  • Have some fun with the glasses. Consider having guests decorate wine glasses with glass paint or even stencils and etching crème for a fun take home gift or something for the bride to keep as a keepsake.

  • Have a mimosa bar. Your guests will enjoy the options of alcoholic or non-alcoholic (with club soda) beverages customized to their preferences in juice and fresh fruit.

  • Customize candles for guests by monogramming their initials on a votive and filling with your favorite scented wax.

  • Create a balloon arch with artificial vine flowers for an elegant entry to the home or backdrop for photos.

  • Have a photo booth with props. You can easily print off signs, mustaches, hats and more for your guests to use. To set up a photo booth, you only need an ipad and a blank wall – or you can rent the whole kit from a local photographer.

  • Utilize DIY décor ideas such as spray painted wine bottles for vases to help minimize cost and still keep it classy.

24 Hour Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

If you are participating in a 24 hour wedding shower, here are some gift ideas based on the time you are given.

1:00 AM Opt for bedtime theme items such as ear plugs, bubble bath, or monogrammed robes.

2:00 AM Choose items related to sleeping such as pillows, bedding, or a sound machine.

3:00 AM Opt for something romantic such as novelty toys, sexy lingerie, or candles.

4:00 AM Ideas for awake at night such as a book light, novels, or lavender lotions to help relax.

5:00 AM Early morning gifts such as a coffee mugs, flavored coffee, or a newspaper subscription are ideal.

6:00 AM Think of items geared towards waking up such as coffee mugs, a subscription to coffee clubs, or an alarm clock.

7:00 AM This is the ideal time for breakfast. Choose gifts like a waffle maker, blender, or muffin pan with mixes.

8:00 AM Help the bride get ready to work out with exercise dvds, protein bars, or a new yoga mat.

9:00 AM Consider what the couple might use on their way to work for this time slot. Perhaps a travel mug, iTunes gift card, or audio books.

10:00 AM Focus on ideas that are work related including office supplies, notebooks, or personalized stationary.

11:00 AM Breakup mid-morning with breakfast snack packs or consider cleaning supplies for those weekends at home.

12:00 PM With lunch on the mind, gifts for the couple could be placemats, soup bowls, or a picnic basket.

1:00 PM When it comes time to prepare lunch, how about a panini maker, cutlery set, or new pots and pans for the couple.

2:00 PM A typical Saturday might be spent doing yardwork around this time. Consider gift cards to the hardware store, decorative pots, or gardening supplies.

3:00 PM Consider gifts to relax after a busy day for this time slot. Perhaps photo memory books, a snack tray, or a magazine subscription.

4:00 PM Tea time is a lovely way to prepare for the evening. Consider a tiered snack stand, assorted teas, or serving tray for a gift.

5:00 PM Let the fun begin with games for the couple like cards against humanity, poker cards and chips, or sports team gear.

6:00 PM For cocktail hour, consider monogrammed glasses, cocktail recipe book, or cheeseboard.

7:00 PM Just in time for dinner, cookbooks, pantry supplies, or a towel cake are perfect gift ideas.

8:00 PM No dinner is complete without dessert. Bakeware, dessert wines, or even a fondue pot will do.

9:00 PM Time to settle in for the night with a good movie! Consider a membership to Netflix, DVDs, or a popcorn maker for the couple.

10:00 PM In case the couple wants a night out on the town, perhaps a travel guide or coupon book for the city, gift certificate to a local restaurant, or coupon to babysit is in order.

11:00 PM Relax by the tub before bed. A bottle of wine, custom candles, or bath bombs will all work for this time slot.

12:00 AM For a sensual goodnight, gift the couple a book of massage techniques, massage oils, and a bottle of champagne.