15 Gorgeous Asscher Cut Engagement Rings


The asscher diamond cut was designed by Joseph Asscher, one of the most prodigious diamond experts of the 20th century who was the heir to the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, established in 1854 in Amsterdam. Somewhat similar to an emerald cut, the original asscher cut is crafted with 58 facets. Although asscher cut diamonds were hard to come by for a number of years, the company started making them again in 2002, and now they are a popular pick for engagement rings. Here are 15 absolutely gorgeous asscher cut engagement rings.

15 Gorgeous Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Norman Silverman Diamond Engagement Ring

First on our list of favorites is this stunning gem from Lee Michaels. Like a ring out of a fairy tale dream, this asscher cut diamond engagement ring is almost too pretty to be real.

2.06 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond Platinum Ring

This dazzling ring isn’t messing around. Set in platinum, it will get you walking down the aisle before you know it!

Norman Silverman Asscher Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring

Talk about a beautiful ring. The combination of three diamonds on this engagement ring is just the kind of small detail that makes this ring stand out in the crowd. Perfect for a romantic proposal, this ring will keep the stars in her eyes long after you make your vows together.

Helzberg Diamonds White Gold Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Now, this is one stellar piece to take along when you pop the question. This Helzberg asscher cut engagement ring is set in white gold and is so irresistibly pretty that a “yes” will be inevitable!

Ritani Solitaire Diamond Tulip Cathedral Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold

The name may be a mouthful, but the beauty of the ring makes up for it! You may not be going Dutch on the wedding, but this tulip-inspired design is delicately floral while also playful and artsy. Perfect for a creative, fun-loving bride to be!

Mark Broumand 21ct Fancy Light Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Now we’re getting fancy! This light yellow diamond may be a slightly unconventional choice, but it certainly stands out amongst all the asscher cut engagement rings. The golden softness is easier on the eyes than a traditional white diamond, and it lends the ring a warm, loving tone that speaks volumes about the gentleness and warmth of the woman wearing it.

Ritani French Set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring

What a beautiful row of French set diamonds! They almost (but only almost) eclipse the gorgeousness of the asscher cut diamond in the center. This ring is a seriously complex piece that will stun everyone for decades to come.

Mark Broumand 1.80ct Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Breathtaking deep blue sapphire ensconces the gorgeous asscher cut diamond in this unique asscher cut engagement ring. Why go for a boring, plain white diamond if you can add a kick of color? It’s extra touching if her favorite color happens to be blue.

Helzberg Diamonds

Another fabulously detailed piece by Helzberg diamonds, this time with a thicker band and some gorgeously complex ornamentation. This ring conveys a beautiful statement of eternal love, and is one of the most captivating of all the asscher cut engagement rings on this list.

Danhov Per Lei Single Shank Asscher

This Per Lei Single Shank by Danhov is exquisitely beautiful and looks like it could just slip onto your finger and find its home there forever. The slender ring is conveniently lightweight, yet its beauty has the gravitas to represent the strong commitment that you will be making when you say “I do”.

Noam Carver White Gold Asscher

With an asscher cut center piece and fourteen round diamonds to accompany it on the band, nothing says luxury like Noam Carver’s White Gold Asscher. Like a royal lady and her attendants, the diamonds on this ring project sophisticated taste and a magnificent sense of decadence.

Michael B. Rose Gold Contemporary Stitch Lace Ring

Does an engagement ring ever just take your breath away? Michael B.’s Contemporary Stitch Lace Ring in rose gold is one of the most adventurous and avant-garde uses of the asscher cut diamond that we’ve seen yet. Celebrate the romance of the 21st century with this gorgeously contemporary design.

Jack Kelege White Gold Asscher Engagement Ring

Featuring a brilliant white asscher cut diamond, this Jack Kelege engagement ring is one of the most sophisticated diamond rings on the market for a considerably affordable price. Prudently priced, yet effortlessly sexy, this ring has it all!

Michael B. Paris Ring

Can you say “ooh la la”? Michael B.’s Paris ring is one of our favorite asscher cut engagement rings. Modeled after the complex and structurally breathtaking architecture of the Eiffel Tower, this is the perfect ring for a cherie of fancy European taste. Who knows – maybe it’ll even inspire you to book a honeymoon in France!

Flyer Fit by Martin Flyer

Does your heart go soaring when you see this beautiful ring? This Flyer Fit ring by Martin Flyer is transcendentally beautiful with its asscher cut halo. The princess cut center is more than fit for a queen, and any woman who wears this ring will be royally satisfied with its regal shimmer and stately shine.