What Is the Average Cost of Bachelorette Party?


Being asked to play a role in your friend’s wedding can at first seem like a great honor. However, whether you’re the best man, maid of honor or just a part of the bridal party, there are a few obligations that come with the role and this may be one that can cause a bit of a financial strain. You will not only need to consider the wedding gifts, wedding attire, and preparation, but also the cost of the bachelorette party. Before you agree to the financial burden and additional responsibilities, you might want to learn the average cost of being member of bachelorette party to better prepare for the expense.

Average Cost of Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party typically falls on the bridesmaids to cover the expenses. And while a night out on the town for one last hurrah with the bride-to-be sounds like a great time, it can end up being a lot more extravagant than you had planned for. Or bachelorette parties can be a weekend getaway, five-star dining and a number of other high-end locations that can end up adding up. While for some, this doesn’t need much second consideration, your friend deserves nothing but the best right? For most, however, being this generous is not something that can be easily afforded. You’ll want to consult with the rest of the bridal party and even the bride, if she is in on the arrangements, to ensure everyone can afford the type of party be thrown. You surely do not want to stress anyone out over the expenses of a bachelorette party. You will want to keep in mind you will need to pitch in for the entertainment, favors, drinks, travel arraignments and dinner for the evening or weekend festivities.

So just what is the average cost of bachelorette party? Let find out!

  • Simple and casual bachelorette parties will tend to cost around 20 to 30 dollars. These types of parties tend to be held at the host's home for a brunch gathering, BBQ or any other variety of informal dinner party. You can include a wide range of activities for guests to partake in from yard games like horseshoes or bag tosses to a movie night, karaoke or a few games of pool.

  • More formal or upscale bachelorette parties can cost as little as 40 dollars or up to 150 dollars. These gatherings tend to feature a gourmet dinner options, either dining out or cooking up some streaks or rolling some sushi at the host’s house. The activities for these types of bachelorette parties can include jewelry making lessons, wine tastings, dance class or simply bar hopping around your local area.

  • Elaborate bachelorette parties are where the cost tends to get steeper. These types of parties can start off costing 150 dollars a person but can cost you well over 300 dollars. For these special bachelorette parties, you can hire a personal chef to cook a unique and delicious meal or make reservations at the trendiest restaurant in your area for a five-course meal. The average cost of bachelorette party will continue to increase depending on the events you take part in during the evening. Concerts, nightclubs, limos or a spay trip can all increase the cost as the night goes on.

  • For destination bachelorette parties, the average cost varies since each person attending typically pays their own way as well as contribute to covering the bride's travel fare. If there is travel involved in the bachelorette party plans, this is one thing that should be discussed and approved by all those attending, including the bride, prior to finalizing any arrangements, since you know the cost will be higher

Any Ddditional Expenses or Discounts?

  • Props, bride to be's attire like a tiara, sash and boa will all add to the average cost of the party. Most often, this is a small expense usually only around 10 dollars a person but can end up being more depending on the party you take.

  • If you are considering any entertainment, this can cost between 130 to 175 dollars per entertainer and you may have to cover any travel expenses for the performer to get to you.

  • If you are hitting the town for an evening of adult beverages, then you need to consider not only transportation expenses but possibly hotel room expenses as well. These costs will depend on how large your group is and what type of vehicle you plan to rent. The average cost of bachelorette party travel and lodge expenses can be as little as 45 dollars but well over 300 dollars for just one hour of a party bus rental.

  • You can benefit from considering a Jack and Jill party were you combine the bachelor and bachelorette parties. This allows the whole bridal party to split the cost of the evening activities.