Challenges for a Bachelor Party


Your best mate has decided that you’re more than just a best mate—you’re a best man! As best man, it’s your job—your job, dude!—to make sure your best friend transitions from bachelorhood to married life as smoothly as possible. What better way than to prepare an awesome bachelor party with some great challenges! Don't know what to do? Here’s a list of suggestions for challenges for a bachelor party, to make sure everybody has a damn good time at your stag do!

Challenges for Bachelor Party? Challenge Accepted!

Some are for the groom to be, some are for the best man, while some are for the whole party. Just enjoy yourself, guys!
  • Serenade for a senorita – No, you don’t have to actually know her! Is she cute? Is she there? Do your best impersonation and see how long it takes her to leave—or follow someone around, if they’ll let you!

  • Teach a random stranger a line dance – This is much more entertaining if you can’t actually line dance, don’t know how to dance in general, or can barely walk as it is, alcohol-fueled or not!

  • Dude, where’s my beard? Convince a fellow stag to shave half his beard off prior to the party, then convince him to walk around like that, as if nothing is “wrong”. Extra points if you don’t pay him to do this!

  • Get up and dance, everybody! Yes, everybody! Organize a full-bar conga line — as soon as you arrive! Nothing says “challenge accepted” like a bachelor party challenge that starts just prior to the start of the party!

  • Get a stranger to buy you a drink. More difficult than it seems, but this is a bachelor party challenge classic! More difficult for men to do with other men. Women don’t count on this one.

  • Buy a random stranger a drink. But don’t let the wait-staff know it was you!

  • Lick something in the bar that the group decides upon. Only catch — it can’t be a person. The more “public” the item, the better!

  • Not from round here. Everyone taking the challenges for the bachelor party puts on a fake accent—the worse, the better—and tries to convince everyone in the bar they’re from a foreign country.

  • Rub a woman’s feet for an hour – Make sure you get permission first.

  • Convince a male stranger you used to be a woman, but you miss the feel of a man – Extra points if he gives you his number!

  • For every drink the groom gets, a fellow stag has to get a girl’s number. Every time she shoots him down, he has to take a shot.

  • Convince a woman to give you her bra. Then wear it on your head for the rest of the evening.

  • Convince a woman to give you her underwear. Then wear it over your trousers for the rest of the evening.

  • Mobile phone switch-up. Everybody taking the challenges for the bachelor party trades phones for an hour and then starts texting the folks back home.

  • Convince a random stranger that the bride is still a virgin.

  • Convince a random stranger that the groom is still a virgin – funnier if the rest of the group plays along.

  • Dad dance – The bachelor party challenge doesn’t just involve your party, but the whole bar! Best dad dancer wins a beer and a “surprise” phone call to the bride!

  • Autographed T-shirt. This should be from every woman in the bar, and she should also give a lipstick kiss next to her signature on the t-shirt.

  • Kissy-kissy. The groom gets kissed somewhere on his face by all the women wearing lipstick in the bar and has to walk around like that until the next day.

  • The hole stag party has to sing everything they want to say for the first twenty minutes they’re in the bar.

  • Hold your hands with a stranger in public for an hour.

  • Groomsmen’s scavenger hunt. A bachelor party challenge classic, just make sure the objects exist and don’t let it go on for more than an hour or people will lose interest.

  • Ask for a diet water. Insist that it’s a thing and refuse to leave the bar until you get something.

  • Buy two drinks, walk up to the most attractive stranger in the place, thank her profusely and affectionately and invite her to drink with you. One of the hardest challenges for a bachelor party, right?

  • Convince a woman to do a body shot off the groom.

  • Get a woman to rub the groom's shoulders.

  • Everyone in the party eats something disgusting/insanely hot/incredibly spicy. First person to blow chunks loses.

  • Put the groom’s mobile number into 5 random girls’ mobile phones.

  • Make the groom carry an inflatable doll or inflatable “love animal” (sheep are very popular) the entire evening.

  • Perform a pre-arranged dance routine around the bar every hour.

  • Tell a man you think he’s pretty (extra points if it’s the barman).

  • Wear your socks on your shoes.

  • Wear your underwear outside your trousers.

  • Offer all the men a lap-dance.

  • Lap-dance on the groom and film it.

  • Get something worth $5 for free—the bigger, the better.

  • Nick a large object from the bar and don’t get caught.

  • Flirt with a male policeman and get his number.

  • Get all the women in the bar to serenade the groom.

  • Tell the barman your most intimate sexual fantasy, then tell him you think he’s cute.

  • One of the weirdest challenges for a bachelor party—you all wear adult diapers. And use them in your party time!

  • Last but not least, call the bride and ask her if she knows a good bail bondsman.