Bachelorette Party Etiquette


Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, nevertheless, there are limits. It is up to the bride to draw the boundaries and those planning the party to honor them. This means giving her a surprise party is not easy to accomplish. The organizers need to keep two things in mind: make the bride happy and do not over spend. So gather your thoughts and plan a party that is comfortable and fun for all on a convenient date and well within budget for everyone.

Golden Rules of Etiquette for Bachelorette Party


The Bride Matters

Bachelorette party etiquettes all serve one main goal and that is to ensure the bride enjoys a festive party. It is great if the other guests enjoy it too, but always keep in mind that this is about the bride to be. Her wishes come first, her favorite place to eat, or play should be considered as the location. Or surprise her with an upscale version she has never gone to.

Besides, it is crucial to ask the bride if she wants her mother and mother in law to be omitted from the guest list. Perhaps you could plan a luncheon for them to celebrate together. Always, the bride should have the first approval of the guest list.


The Cost

Typically, the attendants pay for the bachelorette party, so keep that in mind. Each guest pays a portion of the bride's tab as well as their own. So gather all the invitees together for a short planning session well in advance of the event. Determine the budget before you choose the location, the meals and the transportation. Have a few suggestions in mind before they arrive, which can make the decision easier. Don't forget to include the party favors and the emergency kit, these little extras can add up quickly.


The Gifts

Gag gifts are often a part of the bachelorette party but no serious gift is expected, in fact, the guests are giving the party as a gift. This is also an important bachelorette party etiquette everyone needs to know. If you choose to give the special lady something, consider cash or gift cards that she can use for her wedding or honeymoon. Even a day at the spa would be a welcome respite for her.


The Dress Code

This is another topic to be discussed at the guest meeting. Once the place is chosen, consider your clothes. No one is there to outshine the bride, which means you shouldn't wear all white. Your outfit should be appropriate for the location and blend with the company you keep. Clothes that are too revealing or too short should be saved for a singles night out.


The Date

Plan it for a month or six weeks prior to the wedding. This will allow not only recovery time, but it will be a more relaxed situation for the bride. If the groom is having a bachelor party, it is common to have them the same day. The latest arrival on the wedding party prospect is Co-ed parties, which would have to be agreed on in advance by the bride and groom.

Here is a bachelorette party etiquette: asking the bride if she wants a party at all and if she is comfortable with her close friends and family planning it for her. Always consider her boundaries: She may want to start a new chapter in her life that doesn't include the bar scenes and flirting.



One intoxicated guest can ruin the fun of everyone in the party. This will divert attention away from the star of the show, the bride and others may be needed to save their good time to take care of one that over indulged. You all know your limit, never drink more than you should. You can't reminisce about how great a time you had if you don't remember it.


Social Media

It is quite a hoot to look at those embarrassing bachelorette photos on the brides' first wedding anniversary. What you don't want is to see them on any social media sites: pictures posted to the public never go away. Most pictures should be approved for posting beforehand to avoid causing guests or the bride problems.



You should always have a plan in place for unexpected problems or emergencies that often arise. Arrange a specific meeting place outside the building so you can be assured everyone is well and accounted for. You should have a change of clothes available, in case someone over imbibes and a basic first aid kit for cuts or scratches. Bachelorette party etiquette should include that all cell phones are fully charged before you head out to party. One more thing, if you are in an unfamiliar place, stay together or in pairs for safety reasons.