Bachelorette Party Games – Fun and Creative Activities for a Memorable Girls Night


Bachelorette parties can be a massive amount of fun: your best friends, a girls only night out (or in, as you please) , in anticipation of the impending wedding celebration. But no party is ever living up to its full potential without a little planning – and when it comes to bachelorette parties, the best way to add a little spice to your evening with the girls is to opt for fun and creative games. There are tons of bachelorette party games out there, but few have that loved-by-all quality. Check out our selection and pick your favorites to enjoy with your friends.

Bachelorette Party Games – Fun and Creative Activities for a Memorable Girls Night

The Sexy Treasure Hunt

Kids are not the only ones who can enjoy a good treasure hunt! A sexy, strictly-adults version of a classic: treasure hunting! What you need for this game is a range of sexy items that you can hide in the house / venue: fluffy cuffs, lingerie, perfumes, bath salts and such. Whoever finds most items wins them all by the end of the night! Put your detective hat on and enjoy the search!

Groom Quizz

A few days prior to your event, make a list of question to ask the groom – go crazy and naughty with the topics, or ask tame and sweet questions, your choice. At the party, let the future bride show how well she knows her future spouse! If she gets a question wrong, she has to take a sip of her drink and if she gets it right, all the other guests need to drink up. A good laugh each time when played with best friends!

Toilet Paper Wedding Gowns

One of the most entertaining and creative bachelorette party games is no other than designing and then wearing toilet paper wedding gowns. All you need is a massive amount of toilet paper rolls, tape and scissors – and tons of creativity! You can choose to work in pairs to create a more wearable design: one model, one designer in each pair, or go the silly and crazy route and wrap yourself in toilet paper from head to toe. Have fun!

Give Her a Challenge

You and everyone else except the future bride take turns in giving her a challenge to complete by the end of the night. Anything from getting a guy’s phone number at a bar or shouting crazy stuff in public from the top of her lungs! Just make sure she would actually enjoy getting a little silly like this. If there are 15+ friends at the party, then another option is to each write a challenge note for the future bride so she could randomly pick a few to complete by the end of the night.

Guess the Underwear!

Have each of the guests bring a piece of underwear that represents them best – whether it’s embarrassing grandma panties, sexy garters, leather corsets or push-up bras. At the party, the future bride has to guess which piece belongs to which girl based on their style and naughty factor. Another plus of this game: you can easily convert it into a drinking game – have the bride take a sip each time she gets it wrong!

Sexy (or Tame) Pinning Games

When it comes to bachelorette party games, you have 2 options: go the naughty route or stay in the safe, grandma-approved zone. Well, this game can fit perfectly in each category! Let’s detail the safer version: print out a large poster of the bride’s celebrity crush and also print out stickers under the shape of lips (kisses). You guessed it: each participant gets to pin the kiss on the hot stud while blindfolded! And if you’re brave enough to embrace the naughty, then forgo the stickers and use your own red lips – moreover, you can opt for a bust and above version of the poster only or a full body image (or drawing).

The Bra Pong

There is a simple way to get some activity and a mild workout going even on a bachelorette party: by combining a sport with a sexy lingerie piece! How is that possible, you ask? Well, this game is one of those enjoyed by all, sexy yet not raunchy enough to scare off the more prude guests. Have each girl bring a sturdy bra to the party, then create a bra wall and attempt to score as many ‘cup goals’ as possible!

The I’ve Never… Game

This game is enjoyed by all, and not just on before-the-nuptials occasions. A classic when it comes to fun and creative bachelorette party games that work perfectly as drinking games: I’ve Never… You can go raunchy with your statements, scandalous, tame or you can opt for the easy funny route – and whatever you do, you can bet that this one will entertain all the guests.