What Should You Know about Bachelorette Party Gift Giving Etiquette?


Gift giving can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to all the pre-wedding events. Bachelorette party or hens night is a party arranged especially for the bride-to-be by her friends. The purpose of this party is to let the bride-to-be celebrate her last girl’s night-out as a bachelorette! This party can be arranged in a club or bar or even at home, depending upon what the bride-to-be likes. When you are a guest, what gift should you be giving and what should be avoided?

Bachelorette Party Gift Giving Etiquette

Unlike bridal shower, bachelorette party is not just a gift party. The goal is for the bride and her guests to just have fun before the wedding and therefore giving gifts is not necessary. However, it is a great opportunity to give the bride-to-be silly gifts or sexy stuff such as lingerie (which can be a bit indecent for a bridal shower party). You can ask everyone to bring a gag gift, like bringing a glamorous red wig for the bride-to-be and make her wear it all night or get her something hot- (such as a book about mind boggling sex with diagrams or a ‘how-to’ video). You can also give her cute funky gifts like candy necklace or rings or a water gun. In addition, you can also buy her drinks at bar, as a gesture of love.

If you have missed the wedding shower!

If for some reason, you were not able to attend the bridal shower and couldn’t give your girlfriend any gift, should you bring gift to the bachelorette party or not?! Let’s have a look at what people have to say about bachelorette party gift giving etiquette.

A lady says:

“bachelorette party is a girl’s night out where guests and the bride-to-be chills out and have fun. If you have missed the bridal shower and she is a really good friend then send her a gift with ’sorry I missed your bridal shower’ note. Just go and enjoy the bachelorette party and if still you feel bad then buy her drinks”.

Another has to say:

“In a wedding there are only two gift-giving occasions, bridal shower and the wedding ceremony. If you have missed the bridal shower, no worries! Jut bring a gift on the wedding day. If the bachelorette party is happening in a bar then buy her a drink or shots”.

A lady sharing her experience tells:

“When I was a bride many people couldn’t come to the bridal shower but still I didn’t expect any gifts from them at my bachelorette. However, etiquettes say that you should give a gift even though you have missed the shower or wedding ceremony”.

Here a lady has a totally different thing to say,

“If I was unable to attend bridal shower I would skip the shower gift and bring one on the wedding day. However, for bachelorette party I would go a bit naughty and gift her a pair of panties”.

A lady gives ideas regarding bachelorette party gifts etiquettes. She said:

“At a bachelorette party I would bring a smaller gift like massage oils or panties while for the actual wedding day I will bring more expensive gift.”

A girl shares her experience:

“I have gone to several bachelorette parties and no one brings gifts even though they are naughty ones. Bachelorette party is all about having good time together and playing naughty games in club. You can bring a cute and silly card but gifts are a big NO! If someone still expects to get a gift on bachelorette party then I think they are being totally selfish!”

Other FAQs and Etiquettes about Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party gift giving etiquette is quite different from other pre-wedding events etiquette; in fact there is no need of giving gifts! But there are some other etiquettes too for having a bachelorette party.

Who will host it?

A bachelorette party can be hosted by anyone. Usually maid of honor or bridesmaids throw a bachelorette party but there is no hard and fast rule. Any friend, cousin or colleagues can also host this party.

Deciding the right date!

Do not have bachelorette party a night before wedding. No bride wants to have a hangover on her wedding day! If the bride is having wedding in another town then give her party before she leaves but even if wedding is going to be local, you must have bachelorette party two or three nights before the wedding ceremony.

Guest list

Bachelorette party should be kept small (usually under 20 guests); and if it’s under 10 then it will be ideal. Usually all bridal shower guest are invited to the wedding ceremony but for bachelorette party you don’t have to invite everyone. This party is usually about bride and her best girlfriends going crazy and enjoying the night.

Spreading the word

Type of invitations also depend upon what type of party you are having. If you are throwing a party at hotel or resort which requires reservations then RSVP cards will be required. If only a few close friends are invited then only phone calls will be enough too. You can also give store bought invitation cards or homemade ones and you can also add a theme to it.

What to wear?

Selection of outfit depends upon where you are going and what sort of party you are having. But there is one rule to be followed, white for bride-to-be! So guests should leave your whites at home.

It is all about the bride-to-be

The most important thing to consider is what bride-to-be wants or what would she like to have. The key of having this party is to make bride-to-be happy. It’s a party dedicated to her, it’s her night out! So it should be like her way!

Let’s Instagram!

So you had a party it was a blast and definitely you would post pictures on Instagram or any other social website. However, you must keep in mind that things become pretty wild in such parties and some moments should never see the day of light. So before posting anything first ask everyone if they are comfortable about it.