20 Special Bachelorette Party Ideas! Have Fun!


When you think of the perfect bachelorette party, many clichés come to mind – penis straws, silly outfits, strippers, lots of alcohol, and a large amount of cash being spent. That's not to say that you must adhere to these somewhat silly conventions, this article will list bachelorette party musts that stray from what is considered conventional.

20 Special Bachelorette Party Musts: Ideas



A bachelorette party doesn't have to be set at a fancy nightclub, going camping can be lots of fun, especially with a group of friends, and spending time in nature can be very calming, helping to quell any pre-wedding nerves.


Meal at a Restaurant

Who doesn't enjoy eating delicious food and drink in the company of their friends? Pick the bride's favorite restaurant and go for a lavish meal and you can also hit the town after if you so wish.


Sexy-Skill Classes

There are many to choose from, from pole-dancing to blow-job workshops, these activities can be a lot of fun and may prove useful in married life when attempting to satisfy your partner.



This is likely to be very cheap, and very nostalgic. Get all of your friends together and have an old-school sleepover where you can talk, eat, drink, dance, watch movies, and have an amazing time.


Get Naughty

Whilst this can be considered one of the most popular bachelorette party musts ideas, not everyone is into it (and that's ok). If the bride is willing, go to a strip club, or order a stripper, or get naughty in other ways.


Tropical Weekend

If you really want to splash the cash, you can organize a tropical weekend getaway where you can chill by the pool, drink cocktails, go to the spa, relax, and have fun in the soaring sunshine.


Local Hotel

If you are staying local for your bachelorette party, book a luxury hotel that's nearby, so it seems as though you are on a girl's getaway. You can go to the spa, chill by the pool, and do everything you would do on this holiday.


Cooking Classes

Whilst sexy-skill classes may be fun, they may not be as useful as cooking-classes. This is especially good for brides who have a deep passion for culinary techniques and cooking, and can help you all learn new cooking skills.


Cocktail Classes

Learning to make cocktails can be extremely fun and very useful –who doesn't love a cocktail? Just call your girls together and enjoy it!


Party Bus

Ok, so this may seem like a throwback to your prom days, but a party bus can be totally appropriate for a bachelorette party. Friends, alcohol, music, and cruising, what more could you want?


Extreme Activities

Is the bride-to-be a bit of a thrill seeker? If so, why don't you all go sky-diving, or bungee jumping? Get testosterone pumping whilst having loads of fun, although not all women would consider this one of their bachelorette party musts.


Road Trip

Road trips can be a lot of fun, but remember to have a designated driver with you. You can plan a journey and drive cross country to explore your own exciting adventure. Just be sure not to get lost!



Festivals are a lot of fun, and with so many different types, such as music, food & drink, art, etc., you are sure to find one that fits the bride-to-be's preferences perfectly.


Psychic Reading

If the bride is interested in the supernatural, then book a psychic reading. One should note, however, that a bad reading in regards to their pending marriage may prove disastrous (or just a funny story to tell).


Make Their Dream Come True

If you reside near a large city, then it will be very likely that there is a celebrity nearby who the bride-to-be has much admiration for. Try to book them to make an appearance at the bachelorette party, and make their dreams come true.


Comedy Club

This is guaranteed to be joyous as long as the comics aren't terrible. You can drink, laugh and have an amazing time together, although you will likely have to be somewhat quite during the comics performances (no talking/screaming!).



Ok, so this is one of the traditional bachelorette party musts. You can pick a theme (why not try vintage), or all dress up in sexy outfits and hit the town as a well-dressed (or not so well-dressed) team.


Mix It Up

Why stick to only one activity? You can carry out numerous activities in one night or weekend to ensure that the whole occasion is jam packed with fun and excitement.


Party Crash

Why not have one or two drinks with just the girls then crash the stag-do of the husband-to-be (or have them crash your party). If the bride-to-be finds their partner, it can make the night that much more special.


Help Others

Whilst in most instances, the bachelorette party is all about the bride-to-be, it can be very rewarding (and is extremely kind) to give back. You can volunteer at an animal shelter, feed the homeless, or carry out other rewarding activities.