Fascinating Bachelorette Party Themes


Are you ready to throw your very own bachelorette party? Unsure of what you should wear, or what kind of bachelorette party themes you could have? You have come to the right place! There are so many different options when it comes to throwing a bachelorette party. It is essential to make the decision as to what kind of party you are going to throw ahead of time, so that people have enough time to plan their adorable and creative outfits. It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear matching outfits, or dress up like crazy wild bush women, either way it will be a night out and a chance to have a great time with all the bridesmaids!

The Big Bash of Bachelorette Party Themes


Role play theme

  • Superhero: You could all dress up as your favourite superhero and have a pillow fight until the death! Just kidding, but this will certainly get you and your ladies some looks. If you want to stand out among the crowd, put on a cape and mask and you are bound to have a blast!

  • Cowgirls: Looking for a sexier party theme? Get all your ladies to dress up as cow girls, hats in all! Rock the country music and sing along to all your favourite songs.

  • Lady gaga: If you are looking for a wild time, or your ladies are a little bit rowdy to start with. Go with a crazy theme, dress up as your favourite crazy singers and blast the tunes until the sun comes up! If role playing isn’t your thing, there are a lot more bachelorette party themes coming right up!


Time period theme

  • Sexy 70's party: Are you a little bit older, or want a blast back into the past? Try a rocking 70’s theme! You will be surprised that you know so many songs from the passing years, as well as the shocking outfits that they used to wear, which will bring next level entertainment to your party!

  • Retro 80's theme: Not ready to quite go all the way back to the 70’s? Try out the 80’s! Pick up some glow in the dark lights, or if you want to go a bit crazier get some strobe lights! Your bridesmaids will be sure to have fun with this crazy time travelling bachelorette party theme!

  • Modern time: Want to keep things simple? Tell all your friends to get themselves on the nicest dresses, go and get some perms, massages and manicures, and have yourselves a rocking ladies' day!



  • Ball: You can rent a hall for fairly cheap now! Get everyone in their gowns and tell them the address, this party will be fantastic! Pick up some confetti, some balloons and maybe even some fireworks for later. Don’t forget the speakers!

  • Mardi Gras: Tell everyone to bring their sandals! This party will surely be a hit, from braided necklaces to hula hooping competitions; everyone will be having a great time with this bachelorette party theme!

  • Karaoke: This party theme will surely be a hit with the singers! Blast the music and sing all night long, have solo competitions, duets, etc. You could even bring some instruments and play right along!

Looking for other Bachelorette party themes that’ll give you a good laugh? Look no further we have some funny themes below!


Funny themes

  • Alien: If you want to do something completely out of this world, go with a crazy alien theme and see what everyone shows up looking like! Green, goopy or warbled, this theme will be sure to get people talking and keep everyone entertained!

  • Animal: Do you want to see people wearing crazy costumes? This is the party theme for you! From elephants to tigers there are plenty of animals in the kingdom to choose from. Your bridesmaids should have no problem finding a costume for your party with this theme!

  • Food: This theme is bound to give you a good laugh. Plus, you might even be able to take a bite out of a few of your ladies! Get everyone to dress up as their favourite food! Caution: this theme may cause a big food fight! But, it is bound to be a lot of fun!



  • Bunny: This is one of the sexiest bachelorette party themes out there. You will be getting looks all over town if you take on this party theme! You can almost count on some of your bridesmaids getting a few phone numbers. You might even lose some of them along the way! But this party theme will be a great time!

  • Scary: If you are looking for a night full of screams, this is the bachelorette party theme for you! Get your bridesmaids to dress up as monsters, the undead, or just in the scariest masks they can find! You will love watching the night unfold as you will definitely hear a couple screams and see a couple people jumping out of their socks!

  • Cute: Tell all of your friends to wear the cutest costumes they can find. Everyone will show up happy, knowing that they look great and that no one is judging them for their crazy outfits. Be sure to take lots of pictures as I am sure this night is one that you will want to remember for a long time!


Mystery theme

  • Murder mystery: Play an awesome murder mystery role playing game, which can last for hours and bring a ton of laughs and entertainment. Your party will surely be remembered for a long time.

  • Mystery costumes: Tell everyone to dress as a specific item or person and not tell anyone what, or who they are dressing up as. You are bound to get a ton of laughs and everyone will surely have a fun time finding something that they want to dress up as!

  • Board games: If you want a relaxing night, find out who is the best at all the classics! If you are drinking, bet shots on who is the best player. It will be a real mystery the next day as to how you ended up sleeping in the spot you are! There are also some awesome mystery board games/card games you can play that will keep you entertained for hours!

Hope these themes have inspired you (and your party!) and that you make the night count!