Backyard Wedding Ideas and Tips


Your backyard holds many great memories, family time, parties and much more. It has some magnetic powers, as well as a charm that never fades. Just imagine having your wedding ceremony in your backyard and comfort of your own home! There are tons of ideas for having a backyard wedding, let’s have a look.

Backyard Wedding Ideas

Best part of having backyard wedding is that you can personalize it without any restrictions. Hang your pictures or any memorabilia over the tent or trees. You can also make personalized mason jars and use them as centerpieces. Give your wedding a theme such as rustic, playful or vintage style then choose your wedding altar, décor, furniture, flower arrangements and food according to it.

You can make a ceremony arch braided with abundant greenery or make a more homely type altar with doors made up of wood. For reception, mismatched furniture will be a fanciful thing to do.


For welcome sign you can use a chalk board on which either with white or colored chalk you can beautifully write a welcome message.


You can decorate your Mr. and Mrs. chairs with garlands made up of peonies and eucalyptus. Or you can decorate any way you would like!


A problem with backyard wedding is facing unexpected changes in weather. Prepare yourself with umbrellas or flip flops so that your ceremony doesn’t turn into a disaster.


You can give your backyard wedding a countryside touch by using leaves as a table card. Place lots of fresh plants or green leaves on table and calligraphic leave- table cards.


Having barbeque in backyard is the best thing to do. You can also set a buffet table and a salad bar too. You can also set a stall of pop corns or other snacks for guests. And when everything is giving natural and refreshing look then why miss the cake? You can decorate your wedding cake with flowers from your backyard.


You can make an eye catching backdrop with old barn doors, decorated with different florals.


You have seen many wine tasting stations but did you ever had one on a swing! Well for your backyard wedding you can make one on a swing and to enhance the look you can hang a chandelier above it. 

Not happy with the swing idea; how about setting mini bar on whisky barrels or a beer barrow?


To add up the beauty you can have white or cream color table runners having stunning candelabras and lavish centerpieces on top.


For décor use palette of neutral colors because it gives brighter appearance. Strips of linens can definitely give a brandnew look. 


Worried about ruining the look with chopped down tree trunks? Make them a bouquet stand!


You can decorate trees through hangings made with crystals and different kind of flowers in mason jars.


You can hang pictures of you with your family and partner above the fence, using fancy clothespins or you can decorate them on your own with flowers, ribbons and laces.


Make wedding altar using white flowers and lush green leaves. Use your natural resources such as tress for hanging down the drapes and lights. Strand of lights wrapped around the trees and bushes, covering the tents can add a lot of sparkle to your ceremony. You can also hang beautiful lanterns and place candles on each table.


No one wants to fall down while dancing on grass or uneven ground. Along with tent, also make sure to hire a dancefloor as well.


Make use of colorful ribbons!


Personalize your wedding! Look at these cute escort cards!

Problems You Might Encounter so Prepare Beforehand

None of the backyard wedding ideas could be perfect if you don't prepare well beforehand.

Plan early

You want your backyard to bloom with flowers on your wedding day and for that you must plant them at the right time. For example if you want tulips, daffodils and other spring season flowers then you must plant them before autumn.


Wedding official might not be satisfied

Many officiants do not perform outside the church so you will have to find one who will agree to come to your venue.


Manicure your backyard

Hire a landscaper much before your wedding ceremony (start working on your backyard during fall for spring wedding) to get your backyard in good shape.


Don’t overcrowd

Invite guests according to space in your backyard. You need space for exchanging vows, row seating for your guests and also space for chairs and tables.



You will need to rent almost everything from tables to chairs, barware to dinnerware, and lightings too.

Rent out tents for your backyard wedding as this will not only provide you privacy but will also protect you from sunlight. Moreover if it’s a windy weather, it will also protect your delicate centerpieces.


Get a generator

Many house powers are not able to accommodate lightening and power supply to grills and roasters therefore, arrange a generator for your ceremony.


Hire a wedding coordinator

A wedding coordinator will inspect your house and backyard to tell what options you can have. You will need waiters for serving dinner and cleaning crew as well.


An alternate setup

Don’t only rely on your backyard setting, especially if having monsoon wedding. You must have an alternate indoor setup so that you can shift your guests and continue your celebrations if there is an unexpected cloudburst.