Ideas for Barbie and Ken Wedding


Millions of little girls across time, space, and cultures take their Barbie dolls as their dream avatars. Barbie’s gorgeous looks and personality, as well as her beautiful relationship with Ken, have inspired many of us to imagine our dream weddings. In this special album, we put together amazing Barbie and Ken wedding pictures. With the meticulous design and planning, the heartwarming love story between the two lover-dolls shines through. Read on to find out more!

Barbie and Ken Wedding: The Love Story

The groom gets prepared

The boy-next-door, Ken gets to be a dapper gentleman who will take Barbie and ride off into the sunset with her. He gets by with a little help from his friends!

The bride gets ready

The iconic shot of Barbie’s beautiful and dainty wedding shoes sets the stage for a wonderful dress-up show for you and me. 

The hair and make up have to be perfect for this big day! So the bridesmaids come to help.

Artistic shots of dressing the bride up, the bridesmaids are helping. What a sweet scene!

Shots of our Barbie standing in her beautiful bridal glory are brilliant ideas. Like this Barbie, her skirt flares out at the bottom, giving her length and her dramatic updo gives way for her veil.

Everybody, get ready for the ceremony

Things are getting started and everyone is cooperating with the schedules! It seems like a lot of thank-you notes will be sent out!

Walking down the aisle

Accompanied by the first man in her life, Barbie walks down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. Dad is sending her off with tears in his eyes. She will always be daddy’s girl.

Ken might be made of plastic, but we see the deep love in his eyes when he first sets his eyes on Barbie as his soon to be wife.

The ceremony

Everybody is giving full attention to the couple as they commit to each other in eternal matrimonial union. Everyone is a witness to their undying love, as they are making a commitment to each other, everone is looking at them with love.

The happy couple are all smiles as their love has led to this very important decsion on this very important day. The Barbie and Ken wedding brings smiles and tears to their friends and family.

The cake and cutting the cake

As husband and wife, Barbie and Ken take the knife and cut the cake together, perfectly in sync. They look gorgeous doing something quite simple, right?

The food and drinks

Meticulous planning was set out for this wedding of the century. With the guests’ enjoyment in mind, an assortment of appetizers and beverages is being served.

The beautifully arranged food and drinks are picture perfect, but they’re also extra practical as well. After all, who wants to eat something not within easy reach, right?

The dances

The dance floor is soon cleared up and the program takes the stage. The couple takes their first dance as husband and wife. It is set to a heart-wrenchingly romantic song that was their favorite when they were still in high school. Years of romance has come down to this.

Next is the Father-Daughter dance. Barbie looks up to her father, who promises to stay with her forever and when she needs him. The audience is so touched!

The dancing continues deep into the night. Barbie and Ken are joined by enthusiastic friends and family, who love the playlist they set out for their wedding. Everyone is on their feet and bopping their heads.

The funky beats are playing and the guests can’t help it. The amazing DJ is at it again with crowd pleasers and mood lifters!

Take some great wedding pictures

The wedding album set featuring the lovely couple is released and the audience is in awe. The poses and shots are all on point and continue becoming classic memories of Barbie and Ken wedding. All the entourage and guests will remember them for the coming years.

The blushing bride takes a solo pic. She is immortalized in her beautiful whites, if only for a day.

The handsome couple takes fun and innovative pictures for fun. The creative shots earn some laughs and prove that the wedding doesn’t have to be all serious and solemn, but heartwarming and laugh out loud as well!

Barbie’s favorite gal pals come in on the fun and take a few shots with her. There is nothing like having your closest group of friends celebrate the most important day of your life with you!

At the end of the day, the  wedding is a huge and momentous occasion. It became one for the books, not because it was a huge and fancy affair, but because of the heart that was put into the ceremony, and the true love being celebrated and witnessed.

Create a Barbie and Ken Wedding


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