Adorable Photos of Beach Wedding in Michigan


Lake Michigan is one of the fifth largest lakes in the world which means there are plenty of beautiful sand beaches to celebrate your wedding on! Easily accessible and located near a number metropolitan areas like Chicago and Milwaukee, it offers a picturesque backdrop from sunrise to sunset. For couples looking for a one of a kind destination wedding, Lake Michigan is the perfect setting for a beach wedding in Michigan.

Adorable Photos of Beach Wedding in Michigan


With crystal clear waters, Lake Michigan gives the appearance of a tropical destination. Brides and grooms can take advantage of the breathtaking sunsets from a variety of location around the lake. Even with the clouds rolling in, you can capture memories that will last a lifetime.


Lake Michigan really envelopes an essence of romance and this is certainly going to shine through in your wedding images. With the subtle hues of the soft pink rays from the setting sun, this couple perfectly represents the feeling and mood that adorns this Great Lake.


When getting married, comfort is key and this is obvious by the groom's lack of shoes. Beach weddings always make finding the right shoes a cinch, since flip flops are an appropriate option that many of your guests will be thankful for. Or, they could follow in the groom’s footsteps and go barefoot!


Aside from the beautiful sandy beach setting, there are a number of venue locations you can choose for your reception. This simple wooden outdoor patio provides the perfect escape for the bride and groom to enjoy a few moments alone as the happy newlyweds. Choosing a venue along the lakefront also provides enough light for your photographer to capture some one of a kind night shots.


There is something just simply timeless about black and white pictures and they always seem to enhance the romantic feel. While in color, a beach wedding in Michigan offers a variety of bright hues and tones to capture, having a few black and white images will also result in remarkable wedding day pictures.


The lake also provides a number of convenient props or unique photo opportunities not just for the bride and groom, but the entire bridal party as well. Here you can tell this couple has some pretty fun and adventurous friends as they take advantage of an empty lifeguard post to sneak in this fun wedding photo.


You can tell this is one wedding you wanted to be a guest of! It is not often where the whole bridal party really commits to taking such a fun and goofy image, but maybe it is just because they are in such a beautiful setting that it is easy to let loose.


One of the many perks of having a beach wedding is being able to get your feet a little wet but these groomsmen hiked up their pants and went all in. Splashing in the water provides a number of great candid shots and with an amazing clear blue sky in the background, this just adds to the vibrancy and fun.


You can tell these ladies love being able to be a part of the bride’s big day. They all look relaxed, happy and stunning in their bridesmaid dresses as they gather in front of the blue waters of the lake basked in sunshine.


This image does a fabulous job of capturing what a beach wedding in Michigan is all about. You have the ecstatic happy couple, the fun life of the party friends and let’s not forget the adorable little flower girl. With a magnificent blue backdrop and vibrant green blades of long grass, this image gives you all the reasons Lake Michigan is such a popular wedding destination.


While the beach is the obvious place to exchange your vows, you can go with a slightly alternate location along Lake Michigan that gives the appearance of floating in the clouds. This stunning location will put the happy couple right above the beautiful blue waters and up close to the soft white clouds and blues skies for a truly one of a kind experience for you and your guests.


Lake Michigan can accommodate weddings of just about any size. From large extravagant weddings to smaller intimate ceremonies like this one pictured. Beach weddings offer a lot of variety and as you can see a private and more casual affair is the perfect kind of wedding to have at Lake Michigan.


It will probably be hard to ask for a better day than the one captured in this image. Clear skies and plenty of sunshine accompany this bride as she takes her walk down the aisle. With guest happily watching with their feet buried in the sand, this is just one of the many reasons a beach wedding is such a popular location choice.


The kids will even enjoy spending the day at the beach to help celebrate the new union. These adorable little flower girls look like little sand fairies in their tutu skirts and flower detailed tops. You can tell they must enjoy a day in the sun as they also fulfill their special flower girl duties.


Don’t you just love how the royal blue bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s ties stand out against the sun-saturated background at this beach wedding in Michigan? This couple chose to exchange their vows as the sun is beginning to set which will provide the perfect background for their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.