25 Best Beatles Wedding Songs


When it comes to wedding music, Beatles have been a name, inspiring generations. Their music has the capacity to pull nostalgia and appreciation from every corner of the ceremony. Not only we, but our parents and even grandparents have been great admirers of their soulfully rocking music. If you too want your wedding to be called a Beatles-mania wedding, here are some of the best Beatles wedding songs.

Processional Songs

All you need is love

An instrumental genius, the song defines love as the only certain thing. All other things in the world are unpredictable and unachievable. The only thing that all should try to seek, is love.

Two of us

A song to get lost in, it relates the journey of two lovers. This journey is the symbolic representation of the journey of life. They are together since long, having fun time together and making lifetime memories.

Here, there and everywhere

The song pictures the desperateness of a lover for his beloved. If he finds her, there is nothing that he has to care. Love is eternal and he will be by her side, here, there and everywhere.

Here comes the sun

The singer is delighted. Finally, the sun is rising. It has been snowy all around him since ages. But the arrival of his sweetheart is just like the rising of the sun. She is his only hope for life.

Reception Entrance Songs

Eight days a week

One of the most celebrated Beatles wedding songs, it shows the keenness of the lover. He wants her love for eight days in a week. Even loving for eight days is not enough for him.

Love me do

The love song is the depiction of a crazy lover. The singer is not only confessing his love and loyalty for her. But, in return, he is asking her love to love him.

And I love her

The lover is happy and blessed because the girl in his life has always been there for him. No matter how dark the night sky is, their love is a hope, just like the bright stars.

Let it be

It’s a soulful song with a touch of spiritualism. The message is simple and short. Things happen, good as well as bad, let them be. Coz, hope (mother Marry) is always there.

First Dance Songs

Got to get you in my Life

The song is always a treat to listen. It elaborates the condition of a lover who desperately wants to be with his love. He wants to make her an inseparable part of his life.

I want to hold your hand

A sweet and romantic track that beautifully portrays the desperation of a lover. He proposes her, saying that she is the best thing ever happened to him and he would like to hold her hand for good.

When I’m 64

A highly listenable and cute song, it represents the illusions of a lover, when he would grow old. He is asking his girlfriend, would you still be with me, even if we get old.

Real love

The song is about the realization, that this lover has experienced. All that he has been planning for life, faded away, ever since he met her. Now he has realized that nothing but love lasts long.

I wanna be your man

Like all other Beatles wedding songs, it’s also about love and passion. All that the lover is interested in, is to be with his lady, and love her like no one else.

All my loving

The track is about a lover who is about to leave his beloved. But before going, he wants to kiss her and assures her of his loyalty and truthfulness. And above all, he promises to be in touch.

Norwegian wood

The song relates the story of a boy who had a chance to meet this mysterious lady. He fell in love with her. But she flew away to some unknown place just like some bird.

Father Daughter Dance

Take good care of my baby

The lyrics are the true representation of the love of a father for her daughter. Deep down somewhere he is grieved. And requests this new man in her life to take care of her.

I am happy just to dance with you

It’s a melody that seeps into your brain. The song is all about dancing and having fun time together. All this lover wants today is to dance only.

Mother Son Dance

Hey Jude

It’s quite a situational song for a mother son dance. Just like a mother does, this person in the song advises the man to love his better half truly and fulfil all his duties towards her.

In my life

The song not only expresses the singer’s love for this very special person (son), but also cherishes the sweet memories of the other people, who were a part of his/her life. But are not around anymore.

Across the Universe

The song comes with a spiritual message. It depicts the journey of life. It shows how each stage of life is filled with joy, sorrows and love. this is how things happen all around.

Recessional Songs

I have just seen a face

The lover sings about a girl who holds the key to his heart. He had been to many places and lived with many girls in the past. But this girl is someone special and has mesmerized him with her magic

I will

Being with you is a wish come true. That is what the lover in the song expresses. All he wants is to be with her. Even if she does not want to be with him, he would still love her.


The lover is all-praise for his beloved. He sings of her beauty and smile. She has got something that no one else does. And that very thing would make him love her forever.

Till there was you

A pure love song that states the views of the man who has fallen for a girl’s love. Her love has made him realize so many sweet and stunning things all around him.

Black bird

It’s one of the Beatles wedding songs with a great lesson for life. The black bird pictured in the song can be a symbolic representation of valor and courage. Though it is broken winged, with sunken eyes. But still it has got the will to fly. Similarly, life is all about moving on.