15 Best Gifts for Dad Mom 25 Year Ceremony


A wedding anniversary always revives the love shared between the couple. When the bond is shared for 25 years, then it surely becomes a special one. Parents are often reluctant to celebrate their anniversary on their own, then it becomes the children’s responsibility to make the day an unforgettable one for their parents. Besides giving them a day to refresh those beautiful memories of togetherness, a gift for such a memorable day needs to be exclusive. As children, you sure know what your parents would love most, yet to give you some interesting options to get the perfect 25th anniversary gift for your parents, we have brought together this list.

15 Best Gifts for Mom Dad 25th Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary, also called Silver wedding, traditionally means gifting things made of silver. Of course, you aren’t bound to follow that! This list will give you certain impressive ideas in your quest to find the best gifts for dad mom 25 year ceremony!

Then and Now Silver Photo Frame

A photo frame is a beautiful way capture a moment in the frame. It brings a warm traditional touch away from the modern virtual buzz. This particular then and now silver frame is a perfect way to add a wedding photo of the wedding day and a picture of your parents clicked on the 25th anniversary.


Wooden Wall Clock

A time seizing gift would be perfect as a symbol to witness their love. You may get a personalized message written on it to go an extra mile to make your parents feel elated. This timepiece has everything that would express your love for your parents.


Disk Music Box

If you are looking for a unique gift that will bring back sweet old memories, then this is your pick. You can select some of your parent’s favorite songs or get the songs that were played in their wedding, see them go ecstatic when you play them. The dark wood color and the vinyl set make it a precious gift.


Champagne Glasses

What can be better than that your parents have their very own customized wine glasses when it comes to saying “cheers” to the 25 years of blissful married life? Present them with this exclusively designed pair of champagne glasses and begin the celebration party.


Engraved Joining Heart Key Ring

This will surely bring a smile on your parents face. A key ring is always a practical gift, as they can use it practically every day to keep their house keys, car keys, etc. To make it one of the best gifts for dad mom 25 year ceremony, getting a joining heart engraved piece like this one just adds to the special occasion.


Clay Rose

Fresh rose bouquets are enthralling, but if you are looking for something that would last longer than fresh flowers, then this is the gift you can get for your mom & dad’s 25th anniversary. Furthermore, if your parents wedding day was decorated with roses, then this life size clay rose would make a great reminiscence. It truly has a spellbinding effect like in fairytale.


Teardrop Decanter

A classy gift that would make an appealing impact on your parents can be hard to find when you do not know what to look for. This teardrop decanter makes for a sophisticated present with stunning crystal and unique design.


Porcelain Plate

A plate looks enthralling when inscribed with some heart-felt words in striking fonts. This porcelain plate makes an eye-catching gift for those precious times your parents spent hand-in-hand through thick and thin. It will forever remind them of your love for them.


Silver Plated Cake Knife and Server Set

25 years is a long span of time. To show your parents how much you adore them and wish they celebrated with friends and family through the years to come, this silver plated cake knife and server set is a fabulous gifting idea.


Tea Light Holder

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could express your wish to light your parent’s life forever? Then, this wonderful hanging spherical tea light is one of the best gifts for dad mom 25 year ceremony that you can get! It's indeed a great illuminating way to express your good wishes.


Surprise Party

Pleasantly surprise your parents by throwing them an anniversary party. Get them a cake similar to that of their wedding and see the joy in their eyes. Complete the table with a dinner buffet. Don’t forget to invite their friends!


Coffee and Tea Set

Are your parents a fan of evening tea/coffee get-together? If they love calling neighbors and friends over for some tea or coffee, then this vintage gift would impress them. A silver plated complete tea and coffee set with waste bowl, this is something your parents would love to flaunt in front of their guests.


Floral Crystal Cameo Brooch

This is a classic option when looking to get the best gift for your mom and dad’s 25th wedding anniversary. This rare and exquisite, intricately designed floral crystal cameo Brooch has an arresting appeal. You parents would simple be awe-struck to have such an extraordinary present.


Vacation Tickets

Send them off to a nice holiday destination where they can relax, enjoy and have a fun break to celebrate the day they got married 25 years back. Ticket to the honeymoon destination where they went after their wedding can surely make things special.



The apt way to bring color and happiness in real is through paintings and portraits. An awesome watercolor portrait taking inspiration from one of their wedding day picture is one of the best gifts for dad mom 25 year ceremony. It would surely be a hit.