How to Choose the Best Wedding Month


Choosing the right time for your wedding matters a lot, not only because it affects your wedding arrangements but also because it affects the mood and dress code. A number of research and behavioral studies claim that people tend to behave differently in different weather. Therefore, your wedding month should be selected in accordance with your personality and preferences as a couple. For a magnificent sparkling wedding with a ‘snowy holiday theme’, a winter month will be perfect; but if you want a lively and fun party atmosphere, then a summer wedding would be ideal. Want to add a nostalgic effect? Fall wedding it is! Do you imagine a cool breeze, bright colors and flowers blooming? Go for spring wedding. We have compiled here some of the best months to get married for different scenarios - which one would you pick?

Which Is the Best Wedding Month?

When it comes to the selection of the best month for your wedding, many factors should be considered, but in the end it all comes down to your expectations and desires! Generally April through October is considered the best time frame, especially the months of July and October. However, your selection also depends on the weather conditions of the region where you are living or want to hold your wedding.

Price Consideration

Usually spring and fall are very expensive wedding seasons while winter weddings are comparatively cheap with the exception of celebrations that are close to holidays such as Christmas. However, it depends the climate as well, for example in the Midwest, South, and Southwest, the summer season is off peak because of extreme heat and/or humidity.

But bear in mind that the “wedding season” can make marriage ceremonies quite expensive (with much more competition to get the appropriate ceremony location and other arrangements reserved). In other words, choosing an off-wedding season date can be more economical in terms of budget and convenience. But you should keep in mind that your wedding month should not have any holidays or big festivals as it will diminish all the off- season benefits. There is a downside too - it is likely that you may not get everything you are looking for, such as not get your favorite flowers since they may not be in season.

Every Season is Different!

Each season lends itself to particular attire, food, flowers, color schemes and venues. Depending on your ideal season you can select the best month for your wedding. Let’s have a look at each season.


Spring brings color and a lively atmosphere. It is a perfect time to wear bright colors and enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, providing simple and fresh food options. An outdoor wedding would be a great idea, but keep in mind that spring has varying temperaments in different regions and therefore rain cover and heating options must be kept in mind.

Here are 16 of the most trendy and refreshing spring wedding colors.



The summer season is considered ideal for planning a wedding as it gives a wide range of possible wedding styles such as beach weddings, pool side and garden weddings, indoor weddings (banquet-style) or night celebrations with fireworks. However, summer weddings can be a bit pricey and venue availability can also be an issue as it is peak season for weddings.



A warm season with an amazingly intense and beautiful color pallet including crimson, orange, brown and gold, autumn adds a natural outdoor color scheme to your wedding. This season is perfect for an outdoor wedding setup to enjoy the warmth of nature. However, there are chances of stormy weather and therefore you should have arrangements for rain cover.



Winter lends itself to elegant indoor wedding setups. A perfect season to enjoy warm and comforting food, it can be formal and sophisticated as well as cozy and comfortable. Winter weddings can be high-budget or economical, depending upon your geographical location and venue preferences, but having holidays near your wedding can be an unfavorable situation for you and for your guests who are traveling to attend your wedding.

Tips To Set a Date

Bearing these considerations in mind, you can set a perfect date (after choosing the best wedding month) for your wedding.

The Weather!

As discussed before, weather can make your event successful but if it goes wrong it can ruin the whole wedding. Choose your wedding date according to the climate of your wedding destination. The most important thing is keeping in mind how you have pictured your big day: a garden with flowers blooming or a warm sunny beach theme wedding will narrow down your choices for a date.


Important Dates

It is very important to consider whether you or your partner have a preference for certain dates such as getting married on the same date when your (or your partner’s) parents got married, your birthday or family members’ birthdays, etc. Also, you may want to check if there are any dates that you want to avoid such as a family member’s death anniversary.


Think Twice About Holiday Weddings

If you are not ready to pay huge bills for your wedding fun, think it through before planning your wedding on holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc.


Don’t Rush!

It is better to plan your wedding months in advance in order to get exactly what you wish for. Last moment planning can lead to disappointment and unwanted compromises. Even though perfect weddings can be executed in weeks, it will cost you a lot!


Looking at Other Aspects of Your Wedding

Some other aspects may also influence your date selection, such as your desired venue being already booked, your dress not being ready before your initially proposed date, or certain family members and close friends who won’t be able to attend your wedding.

We hope that these important tips will be helpful in choosing the best month for your wedding !