A List of Best Place to Buy Candy Online


When it comes to choosing the right favors for weddings, there is rarely a bad choice, but when it comes to something that will surely please your guests, a candy treat is the best way to go. Candy favors have been a long-running tradition to hand out to guests and can be personalized and added into the décor of your wedding theme. How can you find the best place to buy candy online? We’ve compiled this convenient list to help you say “thank you” to your guests in the sweetest way.

A List of Best Place to Buy Candy Online


Candy Warehouse has a wide selection of different candies that you can buy in bulk and also as a candy buffet kit. The site is incredibly easy to find what you are looking for and can give you some new ideas. They offer some of the traditional treats like Jordan almonds and wedding themed M&Ms as well as some more nontraditional options like ring pops and sugar sticks.


Bulkcandystore.com offers a more refined variety of candies that are sure to please both the taste buds and the eyes. You can find a variety of colored gumballs, Sixletes, jelly beans and pearl beads as well as a nice selection of various chocolate covered treats. You’ll want to spend some time navigating find some more unique candies like pomegranate tootsie pops and chocolate covered lemon cookie sticks.


If you want to easily find a variety of candies to match your wedding colors, then you will want to start with candycrate.com. They conveniently list their candies by color under the wedding category and you can also search by flavors and candy type. They also have a discounted selection which you can find plenty of options for your favors that will also save you a bit.


Candy Favorites is the best place to buy candy online because they offer free shipping on orders over $90. What is also great is that you can customize a fantastic candy buffet that will fit perfectly with your wedding theme. They provide you with a helpful step by step guide to creating the ultimate candy buffet for your wedding so you have the right amount of variety with a great amount of visual appeal!


For those who want to keep it simple with their wedding candy favors, bestbuycandy.com has a nice selection of some tradition candies. The website is easy to navigate and you can easily search through to find different flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, salt water taffy, mints and a few other chocolate candies. They also have various lollipop hearts and flowers that can be a great addition to your escort cards or individual wedding favors.


You can find a number of classic and more upscale treats at sweetfactory.com. From metallic covered chocolate to yogurt raisins, they offer not only a wide selection of candies but also theme specific candies like sea shell gummy jelly candies for those beach weddings. The wedding section is not its own separate category here, so be careful you don’t end up ordering “it’s a girl” candies.


Metro Candy offers a number of gourmet candy choices that are sure to please every type of sweet tooth. While their wedding candies stick to black and white color schemes, you can search the rest of their site for specific colored candies as well. Aside from the traditional chocolates and gumballs, you’ll also find a selection of some of your favorite candy like Hershey's mini chocolate bars to miniature Reese's cups.


If you are looking for a variety of chocolates to match your wedding color palette, then The Online Candy Shop is the best place to buy candy online to create a colorful candy display or the perfect takeaway for your guests. The site offers an easy to navigate design that allows you to find the best candies by brand, occasion, and color. They have a nice variety of colorful foil wrapped chocolates, jelly beans and more to provide your guests with something sweet to remember your wedding day by.


You’ll have to do a little bit of navigating to find the wedding candy section on orientaltrading.com, but once you do, you will find a number of great personalized candy options for the perfect wedding favors. You can have your candies monogrammed, dated, and even add an image to their mint tins to create fantastic keepsakes for you wedding guests.


Blaircandy.com has a nice selection of all your favorites from gummy candies to chocolate candies. If you are going for a candy buffet, this is one site you will want to visit. Not only will you find a number of colors to choose from but also a selection of different sized candy bags for your guests to fill up and take home.


Don’t be intimidated by the professional look of this website. While there are no categories to search through, if you are looking for a great price on the most popular chocolate bars and candies then you will most likely find it here. If you know you want to include some Twix or Fun Dips, Twizzlers and Snickers for your wedding favors, then you will find them in bulk here and at a great price.


Candy Direct is one of the oldest running online candy stores which is just one of the reasons they are the best place to buy candy online. They have a great combination of some favorite classic candies as well as some newer sweet treat available in a number of different colors as well. From Jordan mints in lavender and mint green to bright pink shimmering gumballs, you’ll be able to stock your candy buffet or create a fantastic variety of sweets for your wedding favors.


While you won’t find a wedding category on this site, it is worth looking at. You can find some unique treats to include in your wedding favors by looking through the candy by decades and if you are not interested in creating each individual party favor yourself, you can order them prepackaged in a variety of cute decorated bags to save you a lot of time.