Best Place to Buy Silk Flowers


Using fresh floral decorations for wedding reception is not always practical. Issues like limited wedding budget or non-availability of favorite flowers due to season, are a few genuine reasons. In the cases like this, silk flowers are the best alternative. Available throughout the year, you will get a large variety. Realistically molded and artfully arranged artificial flowers are getting quite popular. What you need to do is to find the best place to buy silk flowers.

Best Place to Buy Silk Flowers

Once you have made your mind on buying silk flowers for wedding decorations, there are many places to hunt them.

Probe Your Local Flower Market

For buying silk flowers, the best choice is to look for them in the local flower market. This option gives you great choices in terms of variety, colors and quality. You can actually check the material and other elements used in for shaping them up. Utilize your local telephone directory to search for various local floral shops. Search the terms like craft supplies, flower arrangement, artificial plants and trees or simple floral supply.

Local Departmental Stores

Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Everything’s a Dollar and Walmart are a few big names among domestic departmental stores. These stores cost you less price, and few of such stores also offer sales on the weekend, so that’s another plus. For the price part, it might be the best place to buy silk flowers. But the important thing is quality. The flowers available here are mostly of low quality. They do not give that life-like feel.

Craft Stores

If you are looking for life-like flowers with great variety, famous craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann fabric can be looked in. They offer a great range of styles. Such stores normally have their own skilled professionals who would give you complete guidance about the flowers and their customization.

Explore the Cyberspace

Another best place to buy silk flowers is the internet. When it comes to internet, the choices are unlimited. You can search domestically as well as internationally. There are many well-reputed florist’s websites like, providing a captivating range of silk flowers. Being a US citizen, you will get your domestic orders within 1 to 2 business days. The flowers on these websites can also be customized on the client’s orders. Delivery of the flowers might get prolonged a bit, if anything like this is agreed. Those ordering outside of US would get their order about 10 to 20 days (varies on the services).

Silk Flower Wholesale Supplier

Buying silk flower from wholesale suppliers is not as simple as it seems. You have to follow a certain criterion to deal with a true wholesale supplier in US. You must have your tax ID and legal registered business. Other than this, to get a specific discount (offered by them) you must have to buy a certain amount of flowers first. So keep all these points in view before proceeding for it. As far as variety is concerned they have a great range of silk flowers (consult Yellow Pages phone directory to find them).

Floral Supply Syndicate is a wholesome retailer with their own artificial flowers catalogue. Simply fulfill their requirements and grab their catalogue. Book your order by mail, in quite reasonable prices.

People’s Suggestions

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  • “Old Tyme Pottery is a store where I bought all my reception flowers. They have reasonable prices. You may check their website or visit the store near you.”

  • “I simply adore my flowers that I bought from Ebay.”

  • “I am going to explore both Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I believe they give a wide range of silk flowers.”

  • “My budget was tight and a friend referred A.C. Moore. They are good. You may try. Do check their website too.”

  • “Guys go check out Not only they have great range of artificial flowers but their prices are quite reasonable too.”


  • So far as variety is concerned, it is unlimited. Materials like silk, polyester, latex, velvet, parchment are the trendiest. Most flowers come with molded plastic stems. Flowers, stems, branches and leaves with wires inserted in them are also available. These are amazingly bendable. You can easily adjust them the way you like. This bendability assures a more realistic touch. 

  • The more you pay, the better reproductions you are going to have. The flowers with lower prices are less realistic and have less workability. The normal height of the silk flowers is about 8 to 12 inches. Price per stem starts from 69 cents to a few dollars. Some stems are as long as about 2 feet. Such long stems are priced around $4 to $8 or even more. The above mentioned costs may vary according to the skill required in the style and construction.

  • Finding the best place to buy silk flowers is not just enough. You have to take clever decisions to make good use of your money and time. We would recommend you to look for stems with bunches of flowers (of smaller size) atop them. Instead of buying a single stem with a large blossom atop it. Such multi-flowered stems are better fillers and give a more filling feel and look.