Best Places to Get Engaged! She’ll Definitely Say Yes!


To get engaged is the very first step towards a wonderful journey together. It’s not about just the exchange of rings, it’s about the most cherished moment of your life. A moment that will always be in your heart. You can make it a once-in-a-life-time experience by choosing a distinctive venue for your engagement. Here we have scooped out the best places to get engaged. To help you decide one, for that first kiss to build your dream on.

16 Most Uniquely Romantic Places to Propose


Where You Dated for the First Time!

It could be a restaurant, a small dessert bar, a café or any such place. It would refresh your innermost feelings and would remind you all the romantic moments spent together. Though it sounds simple but it’s not so you should plan it in a romantic way and gather all the support you need! It’s the best idea to celebrate the beginning of your love and friendship.


Lavish Celebration at Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

For the couples who are looking for an extravagant engagement party, Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco, can prove an ideal place. Though it’s a gambling spot but getting dressed up and exchanging your rings here would make your lady-love feel like a million-dollar girl. The adjoining area is all about great jewelry shops. You can buy engagement rings from there too.


Engagement for Fearless Love! Queenstown Adventure

Love is all about adventure. Getting engaged on some adventurous tour is yet another thrilling idea. If your girl loves adventures and thrill and above all has no fear of heights, take her to Queenstown, in New Zealand. Riding on the stuff like Nevis Arc or tandem swing, you can exchange rings and romantically vow for the future.


A Dreamy Engagement in Paris

Paris, the city of love and romance is always considered one of the best places to get engaged. Hiring a cruise on river Seine is a fantastic idea. Secondly, bending down on your knee in front of Eiffel tower is quite traditional now. Each year hundreds of couple come here to get engaged. There are many other spots like Louvre, or Montmartre. The list goes on.


Lock Your Love in Pont Des Arts

Though it has several places to celebrate, Pont Des Arts could be one of them. Being the first metal bridge of Paris, it’s one of the most famous lovers’ point. Lovers used to fasten love locks for the strength of their love on this bridge (facility no longer available, but replaced with padlock-themed graffiti which is just as romantic).


Mountain Top Proposal

How about traveling some extra miles to some picturesque hill top? Perch on a mountain top to exchange the rings just the two of you or with close relatives, as you like it. Set a nice table with delicious food and champagne bottle to celebrate this moment. An adventurous event like this would surely amuse you through all the years to come. Start looking up a mountain that you both want to go and plan everything beforehand!


Be a Disneyland Couple

Getting engaged among all those childhood characters that you used to idealize once, would be an inexpressible experience. You can plan a beautifully romantic ceremony to make her feel like some Disney princess and you as her prince charming. Get the services of some professional Disney wedding planner to make her dream come true. Besides Disneyland in California, you can also choose from those in Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo, which offer different foods and experiences.


Romantic Tour to Niagara Falls

Splashing and surging water in the background, and you down on your knee, sounds thrilling. There are plenty of spots around Niagara fall to get engaged. Opt for a ferry tour to the base of the falls and surprise her with a ring. Niagara State Park or Goat Island are other romantic places for getting engaged and overlooking the beauty all around.


Get Boldly Engaged in Las Vegas

How about the ‘marriage capital of the world’? Las Vegas, the city of lights and life, it’s a place with highest ratio of marriages and especially the shotgun marriages. Better known for gambling, it’s also a love-inspired destination. Balloon rides are best known for getting engaged. Other than this, fountains of Bellagio also give a romantic background to the ceremony.


Hawaiian Beach Engagement

Why is Hawaii one of the best places to get engaged? Simply because, with best weather conditions, no one gets bored here. Engagement on a sandy beach with sparkling blue waters, or hiring a yacht with setting sun in the background, dinner cruises (best organized by Pride of Maui Charters), or many other quality hangout places, can be planned to put that diamond ring on her finger.


Engagement in Venice

What could possibly be a better place than Venice for getting engaged? None! You have unlimited choices to plan an engagement here. Put the ring on her finger in a gondola or do this surrounded by the great medieval architecture. If you want it to be an indoor event, hire some nice cozy hall where poets and artists used to get inspirations for their work.


Engagement in a Capsule: London Eye

Who would not want to get engaged by the historic River Thames in London. But what about hanging high over it? London Eye Ferris wheel gives this opportunity. Getting engaged with a bird’s eye view of London city and great refreshment make a nice combo. The capsules in the wheel can be customized for such special events.


Fairytale Engagement: Magic Kingdom, Orlando

Make her feel like some fairytale princess with an engagement ceremony in Magic Kingdom, Orlando. That enchanting atmosphere of the theme park with story-like castles, haunted mansions and famous Disney characters by your side, is unique as well as perfect. And above all, glorious fireworks are just enough to create a romantic ambiance. Or just before taking a deep plunge from the flash mountain, hands in hands.


Near an Active Volcano, Santorini in Greece

Sounds strange! What I am talking here is not actually a volcano with lava surging out of it. It’s the most romantic and refreshing destination, Santorini Greece. It’s actually build on a volcanic island. But the best thing about this small island is its purity, simplicity and that ‘love in the air’ feel. With a crystal clear sea below it could the perfect choice for getting engaged.


Matira Beach in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

For nature lovers and romantic kind of people, Matira beach in Bora Bora is one of the best places to get engaged. The Rusting palm, white sandy beach to walk or lie down on, sparkling water and a breathtaking sunset in the background, what else can one imagine to get locked in this beautiful relation. The memories of it will always be cherished.


Maya Bay, Krabi, Thailand

Maya Bay should be the perfect choice for a romantic proposal. It is stunningly beautiful sheltered by 100-metre high cliffs on three sides. The lush greenery and blue water as well as white beach and soft sand is just so relaxing. Just remember to go there early to avoid the crowd and you can try diving and snorkeling!


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