8 Best Ways to Keep a Strapless Dress from Falling


From the walk down the aisle and hugging each guest to making some moves and dips on the dance floor, you are going to be pretty active on your wedding day! And if you have chosen a beautiful strapless dress, you might be concerned with having to tug it up all day and night. No worries! That’s why we’re here! To help you stay comfortable and confident in your gown all day, we’ve found some best ways to keep a strapless dress from falling down.

How to Keep a Strapless Dress from Falling

Alter It

When your gown is perfectly fitted, you won’t have to worry about it falling down. Not only does this take care of your fear of the dress accidentally slipping throughout the day, but getting alterations done can also make it look all the more perfect and glamorous. Alterations to the bust of your dress can make all the difference in having a no stress and no slip dress, or you will constantly be holding up your dress. So this must be first recommended and best way to keep a strapless dress from falling.

The Right Under Support

Finding the right bra to wear under your dress will also help in providing you the security and support for keeping your gown in place. The best choice is a longline strapless bra which gives you plenty of security, but you want to at least make sure the strapless bra is structured, has underwire, and non-slip grip on the back as well as the top of the cups. Also, properly test out your bra when you try it on, jump, sit and dance around a bit to make sure it stays in place.

Double Sided Tape

This option is the most recommend best way to keep a strapless dress from falling down. The trick to using double sided tape is to find a product that was specifically designed to be used on skin, like wig tape or fashion tape. Just make sure the tape you do use won’t damage the dress, because some tapes aren’t suitable for all types of fabrics. Before applying the tape, make sure you clean the skin where the tape will go with rubbing alcohol since the tape will not stay stuck if you have oily skin or if you have lotion on.

Have a Waist Stay Sewn In

While many strapless wedding dresses will feature boning in the dress, having a waist stay included can be the extra precaution you need to ensure you dress won’t slip or fall. A waist stay is a simple grosgrain band that is fitted around the waist of the dress and uses two hooks to fasten together. This can help keep your wedding dress in the same position all day and night long.

Pin it Up

Use safety pins to keep your dress in place by pinning it to your bra. This is a great backup plan to have on hand just in case if your other method seems to be failing. Make sure you pin from the inside of your dress to the bra. Ask your maid of honor to help you accomplish it, so you can be sure none of the ends of the pins end up pointing out from the top of your dress.

A Silicone Rubber Strap

For some extra resistance, you might want to consider opting for a dress that has a silicone rubber gripper. This thin strip usually lines the inside top seam of the dress and will be more effective at providing some resistance against your skin and preventing the dress from falling down. Look for the best way to keep a strapless dress from falling? This should be one great choice.

Consider Opening the Cups

If you have a bust size that is a D or larger, and you want to have plenty of room and coverage, then opening up the cups can provide you with just that. When you open the cup, you get more room in the bust line, which will prevent any unwanted dress slippage or worse, looking not so elegant or chic in your dress.

Add Some Straps

If you are still nervous about your dress slipping constantly throughout your big day, consider adding straps. This can be done fairly quickly and you can go with something simple like a thin fabric strap or add in some more elegance and glam with a jeweled strap or lace capped sleeves. While this will change the overall look of your dress, this is one best way to keep a strapless dress from falling and you might just end up loving it even more!