From Warm Shades to Jewel Tones – Best Wedding Colors for Dark Skin


Whether you are the bride, one of the bridesmaids, the groom or one of his groomsmen, as well as the mother or father of the couple, you are probably very determined to find the best wedding outfit out there. And when it comes to gowns and fancy clothes, the cut, the style and the colour are all highly important details that you need to consider. Simply loving the way a dress looks on the mannequin won’t automatically mean that you’ve found the ideal dress. In fact, as much as 85% of future brides change their mind regarding their ideal wedding dress after trying on different styles and colours. If you are about to attend a wedding and are wondering about the best wedding colors for dark skin, then check out our suggestions and find the best look for you!

From Warm Shades to Jewel Tones – Best Wedding Colors for Dark Skin

The Bride

If you’re the bride and you’ve got dark skin, then you are in luck, as most colours will suit your complexion. Beyond whites, ecru and candlelight tones look great on dark skin, so you do not need to be particularly worried when it comes to the shade of your wedding dress; just focus on the style and cut instead. The only exception is for those ladies that have yellow or olive undertones - if that’s you, then simply say ‘No’ to ivory dresses that have slight yellow undertones, but go all in on shades such as rum pink, pastel taupe or champagne. When picking the right colour, remember to consider the way your skin glows and the way your facial features are enhanced or diminished by chosen shade. Moreover, when you go shopping for a wedding dress, make sure that you are wearing a make-up similar to the one you will be wearing on your wedding day and especially pay attention to the colours of your eye-shadow and blush  in this way, the colour of the dress will reflect similarly on your face and skin.

The Bridesmaids and the Flower Girls

When it comes to bridesmaids and their outfit colour choices, the possibilities are endless. If you are considering pastels, then take into consideration that, most likely, not all of your bridesmaids have the same skin tone – therefore, you might want to allow them to go with variations on your chosen colour – from the lightest peach to darker, more vibrant hues, or from almost-white champagne to dark beige. Another great solution for bridesmaids with different skin colours is opting for jewel tones; saturated, rich colours are universally flattering and can make anyone’s skin and features look stunning: emerald greens, deep reds and vivid purples are all amazing choices.

In case all your bridesmaids have similar dark complexions and you are trying to select the best wedding colors for dark skin, then try to avoid yellows and yellow undertones, since while this shade looks great on some, it is not suitable for all skin types. Warmer colours look in general better on dark skinned ladies than cool colours, so anything from the orange, pink, red and warm purples (with fuchsia undertones) and plum is a safe choice. And when it comes to the flower girls, crisp white dresses can create a lovely contrast with dark skin, as well as pastel pinks or any other light and airy hue.

The Groom and the Groomsmen

When it comes to picking the best wedding colors for dark skin, here’s a safe reminder: black suits everyone. There’s a reason why black is the world’s most popular colour when it comes to clothing and accessories and that’s because it is universally flattering, so going for a sharp black suit cannot possibly go wrong. Next to black, you can safely wear neutrals, from whites to beige, as well as khaki and grey. If you are looking for alternative colours and wish for a more creative wedding day look, then you should know that warm tones are your most flattering shades, while the cool tones do not flatter all types of dark skin – with the exception of navy, which is flattering to all. While greens and blues can look amazing on dark skin, going with browns, brick-hues, caramels and reds, mixed with beige and taupe neutrals and lots of greys is recommended.

The Mothers and Fathers on Both Sides

Just like in the above mentioned cases, the best wedding colors for dark skin come from the warm colour palettes, in addition, of course, black and white and neutrals. For the mothers and fathers of the two lovebirds, jewel tones are great options as well, as they are flattering, sophisticated shades – for the gentlemen, a tie in emerald, sapphire or amethyst shades is a great pop of colour and for the ladies, dresses in such saturated shades are always a safe bet.

Opt for a Fashion Expert for Extra Guidance

If you are not confident that you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to selecting the best wedding colors for dark skin, then opt for the services of a trained professional – a stylist or a fashion consultant will be able to guide you step by step and together you can decide on what particular hues suit you best. Moreover, when opting for a stylist, you will also get tips and solutions for other possible questions and issues you may have: anything from the style of the dress to the cut that suits your body shape, height and proportions best.