15 Must Have and Best Wedding Registry Items


Gift registry can be a fun experience for most couples and a little more stressful for others. While you may be eager to register for all those cool items like bicycles, grills and games, you will more likely have mostly useful and everyday items filled up your registry. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding registry items based on what the experts say and other couples have advised to help you create your own list.

15 Best Wedding Registry Items You Must Have


Cordless Vacuum

Buying your own vacuum can often fall on the bottom of your to-do list, so having one on your wedding registry is pretty common. Skip over the fussy corded vacuums and find one that is much easier and convenient to use without a cord.


Power Tools

Every new home needs to have at least the basics when it comes to tools, so why not register for some high-quality cordless power tools? The groom will enjoy finding the best set, but make sure he chooses one that is fast charging and lightweight in case you want to get your hands on them as well.



A high-quality set of luggage for the new Mr. and Mrs. is often a must have on wedding registries, especially if you are the traveling type for work or recreation. You want to also include some quality carry-on bags that are lightweight, stylish and are extremely durable.


Honeymoon Fund

From the plane tickets to the extra activities to a nice romantic dinner at a top-rated restaurant at your exotic getaway, having your guest contribute to your honeymoon can be a great alternative to the traditional gifts. A number of couples are setting up a honeymoon jar at their reception, so guests can pitch in a few extra bucks to make your honeymoon more memorable.


Hobby Gear

Some of the best wedding registry items to include on your list are the ones that let you enjoy what you love with more comfort. If you are big on camping trips or hiking, why not add a new tent, lanterns or backpacks to your registry?



So maybe this isn’t the biggest must have, but if you like to host social gatherings or really enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, then a beautiful decanter is a must. They can be found in a number of unique designs that can make them stand out and become a focal point on your dining table.


Non-Stick Cookware

While you may have all the pots and pans you need, the wedding registry is a great chance to consider upgrading your old ones! You can choose a simple 10 set piece of non-stick cookware or find a set that includes baking sheets and other cooking gadgets.


Food Processor

From salsas to dressings, a food processor can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. You can find them in almost any color and in various sizes, so you can easily choose one that will best fit your needs, style and kitchen space.



You can find a blender that is incredibly simple while incredibly powerful! If you are the smoothie drinker or the milkshake drinker, a blender is a sensible gift that is almost always included on the gift registry.


Housing Fund

Whether you are purchasing a new home or want to have the kitchen, bathroom or backyard remodeled, a housing fund is one of the best wedding registry items that can help you out in a major way.


Extra Towels

Hand towels, bath towels, kitchen towels, and beach towels...register for them all and give your old ones an upgrade. These may seem like a boring addition, but just think of how warm a fuzzy, new, soft, set of towels can feel!



You probably already have enough bedding, but why not start your new life off with some newer sheets, blankets, duvets, and pillows? Register for two or three different bedding sets and a few high-quality pillows.


Slow Cooker

What can be a better gift than one that completely simplifies your life? A slow cooker is perfect for those couples who love home cooked meals but may not have all the time to make them.



Coffee cups, dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls are all traditional items most couples will include on their wedding registry. Also include some silverware and a quality set of chef knives so that you have all the kitchen basics covered.


Expresso Coffee Maker

Coffee makers tend to die off without any warning, so including one can be one of the best wedding registry items for newlyweds. Find one that can whip you up a shot of espresso on the especially long days.