Blue Green Wedding Colors


What do you think about blue green wedding colors? Not the first colors that comes to your mind when planning the wedding? However, maybe that is a good reason for you to use them on your special day! Together blue and green give you such a light and soft vibe and add the wedding charm and sophistication.

Why Blue Green Wedding Colors?

Green is the color of balance, harmony, rebirth, and it relates to stability. Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. Combining those two, we only have good vibes and great meanings. So why not use these colors in your wedding? You don’t need to use only two shades of blue and green, you can choose up to 3 shades from each color, so it does not get to boring, but more than 3 might be too much. You can also combine it with other color, like white, gold, lavender, yellow, or another color more neutral.

When choosing the right shade of the colors think about the season. For example, in autumn or winter, a navy blue with a light color, and if it’s spring/summer you can choose a baby blue. The same goes for the color green, on autumn or winter, better go with shades like pine, basil or crocodile, and in the spring or summer go with shade like emerald, olive, fern or lime. 


The Aisle

Like in the first picture those two aisle are stunning! You can see that this color palette works very nicely with beach weddings and outdoor weddings. The green of the grass, the blue of the sea and the neutral colors from the sand and wood fits perfectly too. And see on the right picture how the yellow flowers are beautiful? Yellow can be a great addition to your color palette.


The Bouquets and Flowers

OMG! I do not think you will be able to choose any other color for your wedding after looking at these bouquets. Just look how amazing they are!


The Details

Blue tie with green boutonniere can be a god fit, just look at those pictures and you will agree with me. Black shoes with red soles make a classic Louboutin, but how about green shoe with blue sole? I know, it makes the perfect shoe for the bride! Moreover, how about this little detail on the chairs? Beautiful, cheap and easy. Great DIY for the wedding, right?


The Cake

It's not only about the cake, it's about everything. A beautiful cake just can light up the room. Like in the first picture, see what they did with the blue green wedding colors, the blue on the ambiance lighting, the green in the stems and the white in everything else. Great idea, right?


The Bridesmaid and Groom

You can go with small blue dresses and green bouquet for the bridesmaids and the same color of the dress goes in the groomsmen’s ties. 


The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

The cutest part of a wedding is the flower girl and/or the ring bearer. You can go with a one color dress or mix a little bit putting the dress in one color and the details in other.


The Bride

You can leave the blue green wedding colors to the bridesmaid and go with a beautiful and traditional white wedding dress or you can change things a bit and add the colors to your dress! Look how bold and amazing those brides are. The blue wedding dress is unusual, but this white+blue+green wedding gown is very different and outstanding.



On the wedding invitation, you can go with something very classy and sophisticated or you can go with something more organic and light like the wedding. Isn’t that invitation gorgeous?


The Decor

So many ideas and inspirations right? Overall choosing blue green wedding colors makes it very easy for decorations. Pictures below are great examples, get inspired and have a great wedding!