10 Bohemian Style Dresses Everyone Loves


From the early 20th century Bohemian dresses have gained prominence all over the world. They are known for their unique and artistic style. They include chic pieces that are often gypsy like and have become the clothes to wear at renowned gatherings like the Coachella. If you want to get the bohemian look, here are 12 bohemian style dresses you need to take a look.

10 Bohemian Style Dresses Everyone Loves


Printed A-line Dress, $14.99

If you want to truly embrace the free bohemian style, then this is the dress for you. It comes in a beautiful A-line cut with a floral print extending from the neck down. It ends right on your thighs, so pair it up with your favorite thigh high boots and you are good to go.

From zaful.com


Maxi Dress, $59

This is the epitome of what we call the bohemian style. It come in whites with delicate and intricate floral work on bodice of the dress. It falls all the way down to your ankles and looks very chic and girly when paired with nude colored gladiators. It is cinched at waist softly, giving your figure an elegant lift in a totally beautiful and sexy way.

From lulus.com


Midi Dress, $24.29

Midi bohemian style dresses look super chic. This is especially true if you purchase them in bright and bold colors. They are perfect for a summer carnival. This dress is cinched at the waist, enhancing your toned figure while allowing you the freedom to move around comfortably. If you want to party with your girls at Coachella, get this dress.

From zaful.com


Ruffled Dress, $18.17

If you want to keep the cutting edge fashion sense in mind when you dress for a bohemian themed party, then a ruffled dress should be your go-to choice. Not only is this dress sexy to look at, it is also comfortable to wear. You can get them in pastel pinks or rich green shades. They often come with spaghetti straps and plain cloth to ensure the focus remains on the ruffles. This dress comes in two pieces, the bodice falls elegantly above your waist and the skirt down to your feet.

From rosegal.com


Kaftan Dress, $128.00

This dress has a V-neckline and a beautiful and intricate trim in crochet. There is an elastic belt that pulls the dress into your waist, shifting focus to the deep neck and tassel at the back. You can easily pull this look off with a pair of gladiators and you are good to go.

From freepeople.com


Smock Dress, $72.79

The great thing about bohemian style dresses is that you can pair them up with your favorite hot pants. So if you have been waiting for summer to rock your shorts, pair them up with monochrome smock dresses under the bohemian category. They truly depict the essence of bohemian fashion and that is freedom and fun. This dress has tassels on the neck and it fits loosely, literally falling over your body.

From asos.com


Tribal Dress, $21.28

If you want to birth your wild side this summer then a bohemian style tribal dress might just be what you need. Featuring some of the most unique shades of yellow, red, orange, green and similar bold colors, this tribal dress can brings out your wild side. It is high waisted with round neckline, and falls elegantly on your body.

From rosewe.com


Wrap Dress, $125.00

If you aren’t afraid to take this style sense onto the next level then get yourself a bohemian style wrap, which everyone seems to love so much. This wrap comes in sheer materials with intricate and beautiful embroidery on top. If you can’t wait to hit the beach and catch some gnarly waves, then get yourself a bohemian wrap and throw it atop your bikini.

From bhldn.com


Off-The-Shoulder Dress, $107.00

Just in the past few months, off-the-shoulder dresses have gained a lot of popularity in the fashion world. You can find this style incorporated in some of the best bohemian style dresses. This dress below helps you flaunt your flawless long legs. The neckline is elastic, allowing easy fit above your shoulders. It comes with a mild undertone and bold embroidery around the chest and hem.

From revolve.com


Thick Belted Dress, $11.42

Thanks to the Kardashian and Jenner sisters among other celebrities, bohemian dresses are now being paired with thick belts above the waist. Get a sleeveless maxi or a high slit dress that fits you loosely and pull it in with a retro or vintage belt on your waist. Not only is this a great way to give shape to your dress, it is also one of the most popular bohemian styles at the moment.

From sammydress.com