10 Alternatives of Traditional Bouquet Toss


Mostly considered as a highly awaited moment by single ladies, the bouquet toss seems like a propitious option to see who will be next to get married. However, not all women want to get married right away, and when you can add a fun element to your wedding reception, then why not? Hence, more and more brides are opting for bouquet toss alternatives without highlighting those who have no partners. Let's learn more intriguing and fun ways instead of tossing the bouquet.

10 Fresh Ideas for Bouquet Toss Alternatives


A Bouquet That Breaks Mid-Air

Breakaway bouquet has seemingly grown popular among brides over past few years. It is a bouquet that breaks mid-air when thrown, which let everybody get a piece of it. By piece, we mean petals, leaves, ribbon and everything else used in the bouquet. With breakaway bouquet, you would be honoring everyone.


Couple Dance

While most MCs (or DJs) call out just married couples to accompany the newly wed couple for their first dance, the truth is that it alienates the rest of the people who are present at the reception. It is best to go basic and invite everyone who has come with their partner – whether married or not. This way you will be accepting other couples. Also, you can give away your bouquet to a special couple who has been together for the longest – your grandparents or parents.


Homage to Deceased Ones

It's the most sentimental option among bouquet toss alternatives. You can opt to use your wedding bouquet to pay homage to your loved ones who have deceased. Place it in front of the pictures of the ones who're no longer alive. It is a symbolic way to express your love to the family members or friends who have passed away – a subtle reminder that they are missed on your special day.


Bouquet Giveaway

Similar to breakaway bouquet, the bouquet giveaway is a way where the bride honors the special women of her life. The bride gives away small parts of the bouquet personally to the ladies who matter to her the most. For example, it could be the mother, mother-in law, best friend or a teacher. Basically, bouquet giveaway is meant to be given to the most important people in your life. This way, you wouldn't have to worry about random ladies fighting over your bouquet.


Handout Flowers

Forget giving away your personal wedding bouquet and instead conduct a small ceremony to handout the flowers to the ones you want to express your love to. However, this is not recommended for lavish wedding receptions due to the large number of guests. It is best suited for private wedding ceremonies where guests are limited. Get a separate bouquet of individual flowers and handout flowers to each person present at your wedding.


Girls Dance

Not exactly a dance involving a bouquet per se, bouquet dance can be a unique replacement to the traditional tossing ceremony. It is one of the quirkiest bouquet toss alternatives. Ask the DJ to invite all the ladies – married, single or engaged – to celebrate your union in a fun filled dance party. Just let all lovely women in your life show them on your wedding.


Toss Theme Based Objects

If you have a theme based wedding planned out, it would be great to toss out small figurines. It is not necessary to choose figurines – you can pick any object that goes well with the theme. For example, you can toss away rose petals for a classic theme wedding, use snow shaped confetti or snowflake cookies if you have planned a winter wedding. Choose objects to go with your theme that aren't bulky and won't end up in a possible injury.


Hang a Piñata

You need not to be a Mexican to use a piñata. Use it during your bouquet tossing ceremony. While you are surrounded by people, smash the piñata filled with flower petals, you will be ensured that everybody gets a piece easily. Also, don't forget, piñata smashing is a fun filled activity that will get everybody excited and up on their toes, so remember to leave a large room for your guest! This is one of the best ways to fill the environment with energy.


Hide Charms in Wedding Cake

There are many versatile ways to hide charms in the wedding cake. Simply ask your baker to use different charms with long ribbons and bake them in the top-tier cake as one of the best bouquet toss alternatives. When you cut the top-tier cake during the ceremony, your loved ones will be surprised to see who gets that charm. The charms would be a great addition to your ceremony which can be used to wish a life full of prosperity, love, travelling and so on.


More Alternatives

  • Go traditional – blindfold the bride and spin her, while other ladies surround her in a circle. The bride gives away her bouquet to the one who is standing in front of her when she stops.

  • Choose someone present in your guests and give them the bouquet in person. Don't forget to tell them the reason why you chose them.

  • Choose your bouquet and garter for the tossing ceremony – it's a win-win for all!