10 Wonderful Bridal Party Being Ready Outfits for Inspirations


Bridal party outfits are a popular gift many brides choose to provide for their bridesmaids for the morning of the wedding as they get ready. These outfits can make great getting ready photos and do not have to be the usual matching jumpsuits. If you don't know what to choose, find a number of adorable bridal party being ready attire that ranges from matching tops to robes here.

10 Wonderful Bridal Party Being Ready Outfits for Inspirations

Monogrammed Button Down Shirts

The button down men's shirt is a great option for a personalized bridal party gift. They are comfy, simple and by adding in a personalized monogram, they can be customized to each individual bridesmaid. They also offer a number of colors to choose from and will allow your bridesmaids and you to get ready while still being comfortable.

Flower Robes

With a variety of floral prints and colors, a nice flower robe can make for a fun getting ready attire for your bridesmaids. Choose to have all different types of flower printed robes and let your bridesmaids pick the one they like best or make them all matching if you want a more uniformed look in your getting ready photos.

Rhinestone Tank Tops

One of the most popular bridal party being ready attire is the rhinestone tank top. You can have the rhinestone designed to spell out the traditional bridesmaids, maid of honor and bride wording, or have them done with a catchy phrase or just their names. You can also opt to have long sleeved T-shirts done instead of the tank tops if the weather is too chilly.

Flannel PJs

Flannel PJs are the epitome of comfort and you want to have your bridesmaids as relaxed and as comfortable as possible on your big day. If it is too warm for a full set of flannel PJs, you can go with a flannel top that will still be comfortable for your bridesmaids to get ready in.

Silk Robes

Your bridesmaids will feel extra appreciated when you hand out their silk robes. For brides who want to portray elegance and luxury in their getting ready photos, then the silk robe is the perfect option for you. These can be found in a number of colors; you can choose white for yourself and a different color for your bridal party.

Spa Robes

Spa robes can be the perfect solution for brides who are worried their bridal party may feel a little self-conscience getting their pictures taking in something more revealing. A spa robe is a comfortable bridal party being ready option that can also be customized with a personal monogram for each of your bridesmaids.

Sports Jersey Tops

Men are not the only ones who can be sports fanatics. If you are a bride who can get into their favorite sports teams like any of the guys, then you may want to consider showing your love for your favorite, or your bridesmaids' favorite team, by getting them their own women's sports jersey top to get ready in.

Personalize Pants

While tops are the most popular way to go, you can also choose to have personalized sweatpants created for your bridal party. Have their names or what their bridal party role is spelled out on the leg of the pants. Your bridesmaids will be comfortable, warm and able to move around faster to help assist you in any way you need.

Personalized Tops

A more affordable option that you can even do yourself is creating a personalized top for your bridal party being ready attire. You can get iron on letters or even pictures to press onto a t-shirt, tank top or long sleeved shirt. When you make them yourself, it lets your bridal party know how much you appreciate them by taking the time to customize each shirt specifically for them.

Custom Romper

A romper is a unique yet elegant option for you to hand out to your bridal party to get ready in. You can get this customized with monograms, prints or just colors. Your bridesmaids will feel comfortable, stylish and high class in their romper attire.