20 Creative and Wonderful Ideas of Centerpieces for Bridal Showers


The centerpieces you choose for the bridal shower should instantly reveal the theme of the shower to your guests. They tend to be a major focal point that can consist of flowers and other elements to enhance the theme of the shower or the couple's wedding theme. You can get incredibly plenty ideas of centerpieces for bridal showers and to help you get some special inspiration, we've compiled some out of the box ideas for you to consider.

20 Creative and Wonderful Ideas of Centerpieces for Bridal Showers

Cluster of Vases with Flowers

Tightly arranged flowers in varying sized vases can offer a chic and modern look to your bridal shower. Fill them with different colorful flowers for a clean and sophisticated look. The height differences in the vases add more dimension with your centerpieces.

Floating Candle and Flowers

Submerging a few flowers in tall cylinder vases offers a classic look to your bridal shower. Topped with a floating candle provides a soft lighting which can enhance the beauty of this simple centerpieces. Orchids and cymbidiums are the perfect flowers to use for these centerpieces and can come in a variety of vibrant colors.

Hanging Light

Perfect for an outdoor bridal shower, this is a truly unique way to decorate your tables. Hanging mason jars with candles adds a whimsical and enchanting touch to the atmosphere. Decorating the rod or bar you use to hang the jars from with clusters of flowers is sure to wow your guests.

Casual Romance

Loosely arrange flowers in simple glass jars offers a classic romantic feel to your bridal shower. Stick with traditional roses or carnation in light shades of pink and white to enhance the romantic air. Display the flowers in glass jars decorated with ribbons or papers that match the color scheme of the shower.

Cute Umbrella

Miniature umbrellas are a great addition to your ideas of centerpieces for bridal showers that can add a subtle vintage element into your theme. Umbrellas can be a great decoration to include for springtime showers. Let them act as a small canopy over your flower arrange for a one of a kind centerpiece.

Eccentric Branches

You do not need to stick with the traditional flower arrangement; using tree branches can also provide an enchanting setting for your bridal shower. The tree branches can be spray painted white, silver or gold and decorated with hanging tea lights and paper flowers.

Simple Paperwork

Another alternative to the typical flower arrangements is creating a variety of paper designs. You can create beautiful and bold, colorful paper flowers to fill a vase and even arrange them into a ball to display on a square serving plate. Add in other small details that fit the theme of the shower for a unique centerpiece.


Candles can be used in a variety of ways for your bridal shower. Line long tables with a burlap runner and place the candles in a zigzag pattern for rustic themed showers. Scatter crystal-like gems around them to add in hints of sparkle.

Personalized Items

Personalize centerpieces can be done in a number of ways. Include pictures of the happy couple on glass vases or carve their initials into the candles or candle holders. What better way to pay tribute to the happy newlyweds to be?


For summer and spring showers, fruits can add in some fun and vibrant colors into your ideas of centerpieces for bridal showers. Cut lemons, limes or oranges in slices and add them to your clear glass vases or create beautiful fruit arrangements in decorative fruit bowls.


If you want to bring some more tranquility into your bridal shower, these centerpieces can be the ideal option. Small green plants set in delicate glass bowls or potters with natural rocks are great ideas for an all-natural bridal shower.

Lace Glass Vase

If you want to add a little more elegance to your plain glass vases, you might want to consider decorating them with lace. You can find a range of colors aside from white to match your color scheme and this simple addition adds a lovely hint of romance and femininity in a modern way.

Upside Down Glasses

You can find a number of wine glasses in most yard sales and thrift stores that you can easily turn into a creative centerpiece for your bridal shower. Lay a rose bud underneath it and top with a candle for a modern chic display. Your guest will love it!

Wrapped Vase

Burlap is a great touch for rustic bridal showers and wrapping your vases in it is a great way to enhance the theme. You can also wrap burlap around the vases and tie it off with a simple blue ribbon and glue a seashell or small starfish to it for a beach themed or tropical bridal shower.

Sand and Fish Star

Large glass fish bowl offers a wide range of creative displays. For summer bridal showers, this is a great choice! Fill the fishbowl halfway with sand and add a starfish, shells, and a candle to create a beautiful beach inspired centerpiece.


For autumn weddings, pumpkins are almost always a go to centerpiece idea. But, instead of the typical orange pumpkins, choose a white pumpkin or decorate them to fit in with the theme of your bridal shower. These ideas of centerpieces for bridal showers can be used for all types of themes and depend on your artistic skills, it can be an incredibly unique idea.

Kitchen Ware

If you really want to step outside of the box, this is a truly original way to create a one of a kind centerpiece. Display bold colored kitchen utensils in long vases and use measuring cups for things like sugar, salt, or for other condiments to go with the food you will be serving.

Gold Can

Save up your tin cans and spray paint them gold to use as the vases for your bridal shower. Not only is a budget friendly idea, but you can also add in a mixture of textures and dimensions with this centerpiece.

Basket Centerpiece

Basket centerpieces can be used at any time of year and can be found in large or small. Whether you want to add in pops of color for your springtime wedding or showcase beautiful fall colors, this is one option that is incredibly versatile.

Candy Centerpiece

Candy centerpieces add in a lot of fun to any bridal shower. Whether you fill a large glass jar with gum drops or jelly beans and let the flower arrangement sit on top or use licorice to fill personalized ceramic pots, this is one fun and sweet of ideas of centerpieces for bridal showers.