Bridal Shower Etiquettes


Back in old days, bridal shower party was thrown by bride’s close friends but not her immediate family because if any member from immediate family hosts the party it would give an impression that family is asking for gifts. But nowadays bridal shower etiquettes are changing and it is totally fine if bridal shower is arranged by immediate relative of bride such as her mother or sister. But there are many things to bear in mind for a successful bridal shower. 

What Should You Know About Bridal Shower Etiquettes?


Hosting Etiquettes

As discussed earlier, bridal shower can be thrown by anyone but the bride. Most commonly it's hosted by the maid of honor or a close friend of the bride and, other people like bridesmaids can provide assistance in the process. The host must make sure that invitations should be sent to all guests at least a month before the party and the host must know about all the likes and dislikes of the bride-to-be as everything should be according to her taste.


The Invitees

Usually all the close friends, family member, future in-laws and whoever is close to the bride-to–be are invited. Bridal shower etiquettes say that all those female guests who are being invited to the bridal shower party should be invited to the wedding as well because it will look very rude when everyone is talking about gift showering and few people feel kicked out! However, if you intend to keep it a small event, just invite the ones you feel the closest, not everyone who's going to attend the wedding. Moreover, never invite someone who's not going to the wedding to your bridal shower. 


Invitation Etiquettes

The invitation for bridal shower party should be sent by the hostess, not the bride! Make sure to send the invitations 4-6 weeks in advance and set the RSVP date 1-2 weeks before shower day. Also the RSVP information mentioned on invitation should be of hostess. Either snail mail or Email is OK. 


Bridal Registry

It is pretty obvious that guests are going to bring gift for the bride-to-be. It is better to give your bridal registry information as this will help the guests in choosing the appropriate gift for you. Those who are not sure about what to buy will be able to know about your taste and what exactly you need. 

Giving registry information on bridal shower invitation is fine. Some stores design special cards with bridal registry information which can be placed inside invitation envelope. Another way is to put registry information on your wedding website and give the link on invitation card. 


Bridal Shower Etiquettes: Gifts Options

Gifts that can be useful for newlyweds such as household products, kitchen appliances ,etc. are perfect to give on a bridal shower. However, if bridal shower is a themed party then give gifts according to it. Many people give smaller gifts on bridal shower and expensive ones on the wedding day. Some people believe that sexy gifts such as lingerie are ideal to be given on the bridal shower party.


Gift Opening Etiquettes

The excitement on a person’s face while opening the gifts is a great sight to watch. The bride should be seated on “honorary chair” and her best girl besides her. This gift opening session can be done either before serving food or after. Bride-to-be will unwrap each gift one by one and read out the name of person along with message (if any). Her best girl will note down the name of person who gave gift and what was the gift. The gift card will be handed over to her best girl or “secretary” while you (the host) will pile up the gift wrappers.


Game Etiquettes for Bridal Shower

You can add different fun games so that everyone at the party can mingle up and have some good time together. Games like bridal shower trivia, in which questions about the bride are asked from their childhood friends or anyone who knows them for a long time, are great. Bridal shower gift bingo, cootie catcher and much more exciting games can be added. However, if bride-to-be doesn’t want any games on her bridal shower then it’s your and co-hosts’ responsibility to keep guests engaged in the good conversation.


Gift Etiquette for the Host

Your best friend or family member put all their efforts to make you feel special. Now it’s your responsibility and part of courtesy that you must offer an appreciation gift to the host. It can be a small jewelry or a silver box monogrammed with her name or make an appointment for her at a spa and buy her a luxurious spa treatment.


It's OK to Have More than One Shower

It’s okay to have more than one shower, let’s say one for close friends and family members while another one for office colleagues. You should make sure that same guests are not invited in both bridal shower parties and if someone is invited to both showers, they are not required to bring double gifts.

For bridal shower with colleagues, one exception is that those who are not invited to the wedding can attend the shower because sometimes it's impossible to invite each and every one of them but still they want to celebrate with you.  


Who Bears the Expenses?

If the host is unable to bear all the bridal shower expenses then she can ask some close friends to contribute but it is a customary etiquette to not ask the bride-to-be to pay for her own shower.


Bridal Shower Etiquettes in Case Bride is Remarrying

If a lady is remarrying then a small bridal shower party will do well. Besides her family members and some close friends, guests who were invited to first marriage’s bridal shower won’t be invited to this one. If still it is necessary to invite same guests then arrange a hi-tea or cocktail party with “no gifts” theme.


Jack and Jill Showers

These days “jack and Jill” showers are becoming very popular. It is a combined shower for both bride and groom. Outdoor showers, gourmet cook, hour of the day, can all be a theme for such couples’ shower


More to Know:

  • Usually bridal showers are only for females. However, if bride has a close male friend and she wants him to be a part of her celebrations then instead of a bridal shower, “Wedding shower” can be arranged. Both showers serve the same purpose.

  • A couple’s shower can be thrown for same sex couples with the same guidelines.