15 Bridal Shower Game Prizes Your Girls Will Love


A bridal shower is counted to be an integral part of a wedding. As you look for various game ideas for the bridal shower, it is a prerequisite to remember that the guests will be excited about the prizes in this pre-wedding celebration. Here are many bridal shower game prizes ideas and you can choose one of them to enhance the excitement of this hilarious party time!

Great Bridal Shower Game Prizes Ideas


Wine Theme Wedding Centerpieces Wine Bottle Topper

Wine theme wedding centerpieces wine bottle toppers contribute to being an amazing gift for bridal showers. It is primarily used for decorating the wine bottles, containers, vases, etc. It is considered to be unique for wedding receptions, parties, and other decorations.


Heart and Ribbons Natural Soap

This one happens to be among the well renowned bridal shower game prizes. These are high-quality beautiful soaps that consist of 100 % natural ingredients, which are generally prepared from shea butter, goat's milk, olive oil, cocoa butter and even honey.


Monogram Bridesmaid Gift Set

These elegant bags are highly liked by girls and you can keep them as prizes for bridal shower games. Metallic leather and gold accents are used for the preparation of these bags. It is possible to add name to personalize the bags. It is one of the best gifts for bachelorette parties, and any other kinds of parties.


Bachelorette Hair Ties

These are considered to be among the most elegant prizes, you can use them as present even during wedding showers. These ties are considered to be unique ways for saying thank you. It is also possible to customize a favor card along with it with a personalized message in that.


Wedding Handkerchief

It is known to be a wonderful prize gift idea. Choose handkerchiefs that are comprised of 100% cotton and then you can wash them in dryer and washer.


Printable Mason Jar Lid Labels

The printable Mason jar lid labels are known to be the perfect gift for wedding occasions. You can customize names, add texts or names with the aid of these lid levels. If you are looking for bridal shower game prizes, these lid labels should be one great choice.


Palm Tree Coaster Set

It is made of natural corks. If you will head to a beach for holding a happy time together, this would be a cute and considerate prize for games.


Sterling Silver High Heel Pump Charm Bangle Bracelet

It will be the perfect prizes for shoe lovers! The presence of sterile silver components adds to the charm of these bangles. You can present it in the jewelry box which is being tied with ribbon.


Mix and Match Makeup Bags

These bags have gained high prominence as prizes for bridal games shower. Girls will love it and can use it daily for carrying their favorite makeup tools.


Lip Balm

The organic lip balm or lip scrub is known to one of the best the bridal shower game prizes. It will confer smooth and gentle lips to you. These natural lip balms can be availed in a wide variety of flavors for fitting almost every season.


Wedding Cosmetic Cases

This can be a unique present for your bridesmaids. It is a stylish and elegant gift for everyone. It is usually handcrafted and is composed of high-quality materials. The bowknot is so cute, right?


Heart with Rose Gift Soaps

With "I love U" in it and different colors to choose from like brown, gold tint, pink, and so on, girls will receive your thanks for taking party in this great bridal shower.


Sterling Silver Openable Teapot Necklace

This happens to be a whimsical prize for bride shower, right? You can include a personal note along with it. The chain comes in sizes of 16 inch, 18 or 20 inches.


Rose Lily Wedding Day Type Scented Sachet

Comprised of granular sachet base, cellophane bags, fragrance oil, label and sachet envelopes, this soft and fragrant present will be loved by all. It can be packed in cellophane bags and sachet envelopes.


Candle Gel Wax Scented Perfume

Perfume is also among the well renowned bridal shower game prizes. You can choose perfumes in different colors and smells. The long lasting scent makes it one of the well-loved gifts.