20 Must Have Songs on Your Bridal Shower Playlist


The bridal shower is one of the most looked forward to events leading up the wedding day. While as the bride, you most likely won’t have to worry about the planning of it, but still you might want to offer a little bit of help. Since the host and your family and friends are probably preoccupied with decorations, games, and gifts, they might forget about the bridal shower playlist. We’ve compiled a list to help you create a great playlist for your bridal shower that can help relieve the host from this small details.

20 Must Have Songs on Your Bridal Shower Playlist

Valerie, Amy Winehouse (2011)

The song was originally released by The Zutons in 2006, but Amy Winehouse’s remake is a fun and upbeat tune. It has a little bit of jazz and a little bit of soul, perfect for creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for your bridal shower.

Daughters, John Mayer (2004)

It might be hard to find a song more perfectly dedicated to the bride than Daughters. It not only has a beautiful musical arrangement, but the lyrics tell a compelling story about father-daughter relationships. And who can resist the enchantment of John Mayer’s voice?

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, Lauryn Hill (1998)

The song was originally released in 1967 by Frankie Valli and has since been covered by over 200 different artists. Lauryn Hill does an exceptional rendition of this classic that offers an R&B twist.

Love Never Felt So Good, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake (2014)

This song by the King of Pop was originally recorded back in 1983 but wasn’t reworked and released until years after his death. It’s a simple funky and fun song to include on your shower playlist that is sure to please everyone.

Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding (2015)

What better song to describe your uncontrollable love for your soon to be than Love Me Like You Do? Its electropop tempo combined with Goulding soft vocals results in a perfectly balanced song for your bridal shower playlist.

The Love Club, Lorde (2013)

Looking to add something simply fun and catchy to your playlist? The Love Club is just the song! It is definitely a song you can’t resist tapping your foot to.

On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons (2013)

You’re probably feeling on top of the world, so why not have a song on your playlist that perfectly describes this feeling? Not only will it make you smile but your shower attendants will get the same blissful feeling from this song.

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, Paul Simon (1987)

This song is perfect for those afternoon showers. It has a fun and airy beat that can transcend you to a tropical beach. The composition draws inspiration from South African musical styles making it a unique and tranquil song to include on your playlist.

Then He Kissed Me, The Crystals (1963)

This is one of those golden oldies that perfectly retells a relationship from first meeting to the walk down the aisle. What better song to play during your shower to remind of how you and your fiancé first met and how far you have come together?

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You), James Taylor (1975)

Originally released by the soul singer Marvin Gaye, James Taylor’s cover of this classic love song is one of the most successful versions. This cover offers a relaxed rendition to fit perfectly in your bridal shower playlist.

U Got the Look, Prince (1987)

U Got the Look is the standard rock song that Prince is classically known for and was the highest charting single of his "Sign o’ the Times" double album.

No One, Alicia Keys (2007)

Alicia Keys's powerful voice is just one of the things that make this song perfect to play during your bridal shower. Not only does it offer a subtle tempo but the lyrics sum up what love is all about.

​1234, Feist (2007)

This pop indie song is a perfect addition to your playlist to mix in a little Australian fun into your shower. It’s a simple, catchy tune that will have you snapping your fingers or clapping your hands.

Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations (1968)

It will be hard to find one person attending your shower who can resist singing along to this number one hit from the 60’s.

Mercy, Duffy (2008)

The sounds like a blues hit from the 70’s rather than the late 2000’s, but that's what makes this song so great. With the sultry voice of singer Duffy and the unique musical blend of blues and modern pop, this is one song that everyone will enjoy. 

Love Like This Before, Faith Evans (1998)

With a signature beat that will take you back to the 90’s, this is just a great song to get you moving, but it can also be the perfect song to express what you feel for your significant other.

We Are Young, Fun. feat. Janelle Monae, (2011)

While this song didn’t catch on until it made its commercial debut at the Super Bowl XLVI, it is no surprise why this song instantly became an overnight favorite. This is one fun and catchy song to include on your bridal shower playlist.

Accidentally in Love, Counting Crows (2004)

This song was originally featured in the Shrek 2 movie, so of course it is going to be the perfect fun and upbeat tune to include on the playlist for your bridal shower.

How Will I know, Whitney Houston (1985)

Chances are you already know, but this number one hit from the incredibly talented Whitney Houston is a great way to get everyone in the celebration mood.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Wham! (1984)

This song was recently voted as the 13th favorite 1980’s song by the British public for good reason. It’s a fun, catchy song you can’t resist snapping and swinging along to.