Bride & Groom Cutting The Wedding Cake: What Should You Know?


The cake cutting portion of the reception is most often the anticipated cake smashing moment for all of those waiting with their cameras at the ready. But, there is more to this simple action than many couples realize. The cake cutting ceremony is a symbolic moment where the husband and wife demonstrate their support and nourishment for one another. You will want to have the special moment of the bride & groom cutting the wedding cake planned out to ensure you get the memories captured that will last a lifetime, read on to learn more.

Everything You Should Know About Wedding Cake Cutting

Order the Cake

To be on the safe side, you will want to order your wedding cake at least six months prior to the wedding date. Keep in mind though, if your wedding falls in the months of May to September, this is prime wedding season. You’ll want to get your wedding cake ordered in even further in advance because pastry chefs can book up quick. Three day weekends and Saturday weddings should also get their cake orders in sooner.

Present the Cake

You will want your wedding cake to stand out slightly and it should be on display during the reception. The cake should have its own table that is decorated with flowers, ribbon, candles or other small decors. The cake should be raised on a cake stand and a silver plated or engraved knife should be on display next to it. Wedding cakes are often elaborately decorated and will have a special cake topper that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom. You want to make sure all your guests can get a clear picture of this traditional bride & groom cutting the wedding cake moment, so most often the cake will be on display on a table that can be wheeled out to the dance for or in the center of the venue.

Timing of the Cutting of the Cake

The wedding cake is often considered the desert portion of the meal so the cake cutting ceremony often takes place right after the main meal. Some reception venues will encourage you to cut the cake right after the introduction of the newlyweds, so the staff has plenty of time to plate the cake to serve for desert. Having separate sheets cakes for the staff to serve your guest can often eliminate this concern.

Cutting the Cake

This is a highly symbolic moment that has to do with more than just cutting yourself a slice of cake. It is this moment that you, as husband and wife, are taking your first actions as a married couple together. You will want to refer to these do's and don’ts as a guideline to make this the perfect moment of embarking on your new life together.


  • Follow the photographer’s directions.This is one of the most photographic moments of the entire day and it can be captured perfectly but you need to listen to the photographer. If they ask you to cut into a different layer it is often because the bottom layer is obstructed by decorations and the top layer is often too high to make the first cut.

  • Take your time. All your guests will want to snap a few pictures of the bride & groom cutting the wedding cake, so you will want to be courteous and take a few pauses to ensure everyone gets a good shot.

  • Choose a cake serving set. Having a lovely knife and cake server that you can take home after this highly anticipated moments is always a great idea. Couples can also borrow a cake serving set from the caterers or baker.

  • Taking the first bites. Feeding each other the first bite of the wedding cake symbolizes the brides and grooms nurturing relationship.

  • Cut a slice for the in-laws. Offering a slice of the wedding cake to each other’s family is a great sign of respect and emphasize the connection between the two families. If you are having a highly formal wedding or if you want to extend the length of the cake cutting ceremony to give your guests more photo opportunities then this is highly recommended.


  • Smash the cake in each other’s faces. Consider how much you have spent on the wedding dress and tux alone! Not only can this ruin your wedding attire and perfectly applied makeup, but it completely shows a lack of respect for the true meaning of this demonstration. Resist the urge to smash the wedding cake into each other’s face.

  • Use your fingers to feed one another.This can only increase the temptation to smash the cake in your new spouse's face and should really be done with a dessert fork.

  • Cut into the top tier. Most couple will save the top tier to serve up for the anniversary. The top tier is also not as stable for couples to get a smooth first cut into.

Serving the Wedding Cake

Once the bride & groom cutting the wedding cake ceremony is completed, the cake is taken away to the kitchen to be cut and served. Most often it will be plated with cream, or ice cream, and served with coffee for dessert. Most caterers, however, will charge a cake cutting fee, which can tend to be quite expensive at close to $1 per slice.

The Meaning of the Cake Cutting Ceremony?

This is often the first joint action the newlyweds take together. It symbolizes the cutting of the couple's link to the past in order to open and prepare them for the future. It is also said to represent the couple sharing their richness, happiness, and blessing with their family and friends. The often chosen white wedding cake is a sign of purity, innocence, and gentleness; it is also a representation of the virginity of the bride.