How to Give an Exceptional WeddingExceptional Speech


With all that you and your soon to be have put into planning your big day, one thing you do not want to neglect is the opportunity to address the guests who are sharing it with you. The moment when the bride and groom can raise their glasses to share a few heartfelt words with their guests is one tradition that is highly anticipated. But, what exactly goes into the bride and bridegroom wedding speech? If you are stuck with what words to say, then continue reading for some great tips and inspiration.

How to Give a Great Bride and Bridegroom Wedding Speech

The groom will traditionally begin by saying a welcoming "Thank You" on behalf of himself and the bride. He will note those special people who made the day possible and can write this speech in a number of ways with following tips.

Laughter Is Always a Great Place to Begin

The best way to get your guests engaged in what you are saying is by making them smile or laugh. You can begin with something light and amusing from a short story about how your spouse makes you smile to the funny first meeting between your spouse and your parents. Remember to keep your story personal, heartfelt and uplifting.

Have a Short List of Appreciation

The main purpose of the groom's speech is to say "Thank You," so it is wise to know who you need to mention ahead of time. Here we compile a guideline of some of the individuals that you may want to give special attention to:

  • If there was someone who gave a toast or speech ahead of you, thank them for their kind words and well wishes.

  • Your in-laws as well as your own parents.

  • Your spouse for giving you the honor of saying "I Do." This can also be a great opportunity to fit in a funny dating story into the bride and bridegroom wedding speech.

  • Anyone who made a special contribution to the wedding, such as an aunt who baked the cake.

  • Guests who are sharing your special day and have given such generous gifts.

  • Your best man and groomsmen for all their help. You can even throw in a light hearted comment about the speech your best man will be making later or has made.

  • Don't forget to shine a light on the bridesmaids and how lovely they look.

Be Short and Sweet

You want to keep your list of thanks short, but make sure you mention all the key people. Your speech will most likely not be the only one your guests will listen to on your wedding day, so you want to do your best to keep it under three minutes. Be mindful of what you say as well. If it is something you would not repeat to your grandmother or mother in law, you should leave it out of your speech.

Be Sure to Practice

Whether public speaking is your thing or not, you want to run over the speech a few times beforehand with your significant other. This will ensure you both are comfortable with what is being said and that you can look out at your guests as you say it.

Have a Pre-Speech Drink

Having a cocktail prior to giving your speech can help you loosen up and relax; however, do notdo overdo it. Having too many drinks can make it more difficult to do the job and can lead to more inappropriate behaviors.

Sample Speech

In addition to the many tips above, here is a sample for bride and bridegroom wedding speech:

(Spouse Name) and I would like to first say thank you for joining us on this memorable day and celebrating with us. We are almost speechless with the amount of love, support and help that you have shown us today and leading up to this day. The past few months have been filled with flowers, fittings, tastings and more, which we would not have kept our sanity through without the help of you guys' here. We cannot possibly express the amount of gratitude we feel towards each and every one of you.

Today, (Spouse's Name) and I begin a new journey together, a new life together. And we wish for nothing more than to be lucky enough to receive the continued support and love you have shown us today. We are truly committed to making this new life together a long and joyous adventure in which we know we will need some of your advice and guidance.

We cannot begin to express how truly blessed and honored we are to have you all here with us today. So please, enjoy the rest of the celebration and thank you so much for being here.

Important Notes

When to Make Your Speech

Most couples will choose to give their bride and bridegroom wedding speech just before they cut the cake towards the end of the reception. But, you can also choose to do your speech after the traditional speeches, such as the best man's speech, father of the groom speech and the maid of honor speech, which tend to be made during the meal. However, if given at the end of the reception and just before the cake cutting, you will have most of your guests' attention already.

Do You Have to Give a Speech?

It is expected that the happy couple gives a speech. After all, you are the reason everyone got all dressed up to celebrate! But, if you and your spouse have severe social anxieties about making a public speech, it is understandable to skip this customary tradition. None of your guests would feel comfortable watching you struggle through the speech, but you should make sure you show your gratitude in the Thank You card.