Bride or Groom's Name First?


During wedding preparations, sometimes the easiest thing becomes the most difficult to decide. For example, a lot of people find it hard to decide whose name should come first on the invitation cards, customized napkins and wedding cakes? Does the bride's name come before the groom? Whether to put bride or groom’s name first, is a decision that should be taken well in advance so that there is uniformity across the board with minimal chance of any miscommunication.

Should We Put Bride or Groom's Name First?


Tradition says that on wedding invitations and save-the-date cards, bride’s name should come before the groom’s name because usually the girl’s parents are the host and are paying for the greater share of expenses. Therefore bride’s family have the right to put their daughter’s name first on the invitation cards. And, after-marriage thank you cards should have groom’s name before his new wife.

Personal Preference

Typically we observe that on welcome bags, bride’s name is written before the groom’s name. Although, this is a traditional rule which has been followed for years but one can also stick to their personal preference. Often couples are known to family and friends in a certain order and it sounds kind of weird and funny when you reverse the order. For example, you are known as ‘Josh and Kelly’ and switching order just for wedding invitations may sound a bit odd to you and others as well! So it’s better to honor your relationship and refer to yourselves like you do normally.

What About Same Sex Wedding?

What should be the order for homosexual couples? For same sex weddings there are two options considered. Either write names in alphabetical order or choose your personal preference. Alphabetical naming gives a nice structure and helps define the order to be Jeff & John, as opposed to John & Jeff.

Whose Name Comes First? What Do Others Say?

Here we would like to share with you what other people think of writing bride or groom’s name first. These are actual experiences or thoughts of people shared on different websites and forums.

“Most of the people like to go with the concept of “ladies first!” and therefore they put the bride’s name first on everything! But writing my husband’s name before, sounded much better than my name being first. Therefore, we went with option of writing groom’s name before the bride’s name”.

“My husband wanted his name to be written first on the invitations so his name was placed first. Many people, especially old generation, find it very strange to read groom’s name first everywhere because they think it’s a rule of thumb to have bride’s name first; but I don’t really think it makes a big difference.”

Moreover, a website had a poll to see whether Bride or groom’s name should go first on the wedding invites. Approximately 90% people voted for the brides’ name. Although it’s totally you and your partner’s choice that whose name should go first, many people find it odd if you don’t stick to traditional rules.

In the end we will only suggest you to go with your own preferences. Stick to what you and your partner are comfortable with, because wedding is all about happiness and celebrations. It is the biggest day for a couple, a lifetime moment! You have every right to have it your way, making it memorable for rest of the life.

Customized Napkins! One Example to Better Understand This Issue

The question “bride or groom’s name first?” Is not only raised for invitation cards but for other wedding articles as well such as personalized napkins, welcome bags and other big and small details.

When it comes to customized napkins, there are lots of choices to follow. A traditional protocol is to write full names of bride and groom and groom’s name should precede bride’s name. It could be written as” Mr. and Mrs. John Peter” or “Mr. John Peter and Mrs. Katie Peter”. On the other hand many people don’t follow traditional rules and give preference to their own choices such as brides name written before groom’s name, as in” Katie and John Peter”. For more casual look people skip last names and just write their first names, such as “Katie and John”.

A new trend which is being very common among young couples is using name combinations i.e. amalgamating both names into a single name which is typically use to call out that couple. For example, Katie and John can be collectively called as “kajohn” or “katohn”. This gives uniqueness and it is also a customized name used only for that couple.

Styles and Colors

Napkins can be completely customized according to your choices. One could use their name initials on napkins instead of writing full names; this will give a more classy touch to it. Besides, name writing styles on napkins, its colors and fabrics can also be customized according to your choices. Usually wedding napkins are white or ivory color but if you want, you can match it with your wedding theme such as red, blue, or gold. Moreover, for a more classy and royal touch, you can have linen napkins instead of usual paper ones.