Differences Betweeen Bridesmaid and Flower Girl


You might have a niece or other family member who is too young to be a bridesmaid yet too old to play the role of flower girl, but you want to include her in your bridal party. While she may be too old or too young for a bridesmaid and flower girl positions, she could just be the perfect age for a junior bridesmaid! 

Difference Between Junior Bridesmaid and Flower Girl

The flower girl has an obvious role to play in your wedding party, but where exactly will a junior bridesmaid fit in? To learn more about the difference between them, read on.


The flower girl tends to be between the ages of 3 and 8. Younger flower girls can be slightly more difficult to work with since their attention span and focus is short lived.

The junior bridesmaid tends to be between the ages of 8 and 14. It is ultimately up to the bride to decide how old is too old to be a flower girl and if the young lady is of the appropriate age to take on the role of a junior bridesmaid.


The flower girl has the important duty of paving the way for the bride. She often signifies that the bride is about to make her grand entrance and will usually follow behind the maid of honor. Most often the flower girl will throw rose petals down the aisle as she walks, which can often be included in the wedding photos. 

During the ceremony, the junior bridesmaid and flower girl will have different places. The flower girl is not expected to stand with the rest of the bridal party as vows are exchanged since she is much younger and will have more difficult standing still or for the full length of the ceremony. It is not necessary that the flower girl attends the reception but this discretion is to the bride and groom. If you are having a reception where children are not in attendance, then it is acceptable to not have the flower girl there, but if you plan on having a sitter or other children at the reception, then the flower girl should be at the reception as well.

The junior bridesmaid will have different duties as the flower girl's.The junior bridesmaid is expected to purchase a dress, attend the rehearsal and take part in the procession down the aisle. Keep in mind that her parents should also be in attendance at the rehearsal dinner along with her. She is also often asked to help with the planning or hosting of the bridal shower, though this is not required.

While the flower girl will sit during the ceremony, the junior bridesmaid is expected to stand with the rest of the bridal party. You do not have to include an escort for her down the aisle as it is common for a junior bridesmaid to follow the bridesmaids down the aisle alone or with them. During the reception, the junior bridesmaid and flower girl can be in charge of handing out what will be thrown or used for the newlywed’s departure such as rice bags or bubbles, but most often, it is just the junior bridesmaid that takes on this duty.


The flower girl will typically be wearing a dress that is a miniature version of the bride’s dress or another white dress. The dress will usually incorporate a sash that matches the color of the bridesmaid dresses. You want to make sure the flower girl is comfortable in what she wears which should not trip her accidentally down the aisle. It is also completely acceptable to opt for a formal pants outfit if a traditional dress will cause too much of a problem.

The junior bridesmaids will often wear a dress that is more similar to the bridesmaid dresses. It should be age appropriate which can mean a variation to the neckline and leave out any high slits. If the bridesmaid dresses are sleeveless, consider having capped sleeves designed for your junior bridesmaid dress. You can also consider a simple A-line dress for your junior bridesmaid with skinny straps to better match the rest of the bridal party’s attire. When in doubt about what is appropriate or more comfortable for your junior bridesmaid and flower girl to wear, ask for some suggestions from their mother or parents.