Classic Yet Modern: Brilliant White Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas


Bridesmaid bouquets are normally complementary to the bride’s bouquet, and they are important. There are so many colorful bridesmaid bouquets out there, but white is classic. And there are ways to make the traditional white bridesmaid bouquet modern and chic. Keep reading to find the right bouquets for your beloved girls.

Classic Yet Modern: Brilliant White Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas

Instead of a bunch of beautiful flowers, how about just one? And a VERY BIG one? It is a different idea and it looks modern, fashion and gorgeous. See how it draw so much attention, and how the white fits perfectly even with a soft light pink. A big flower with a large stem can be your perfect choice. It is not an ordinary choice and maybe that is the beauty of it. Look how stunning this idea of a romantic cascading bouquet is, it is innovated and it has charm.

Gypsophila are normally used for decoration of the wedding or even the bouquets, but a whole gypsophila bouquet for the bridesmaid is not something that we usually see and the outcome is pure beauty. So take a chance and see how amazing it looks.

Another good white bridesmaid bouquet idea, if the flowers are all white you can add some plants or ornaments to it and make it look amazing! Orchids, daisies, dahlias, amaryllis, roses and carnations are beautiful stunning flowers and all of them are available in white color. Blend any of them with green foliage is a brilliant idea.

The white flowers are a perfect choice because they blend perfectly with every color of dress and every fabric. Even with sparkly and glitter fabrics they look good, because they are very clean and contrast well with it. And about the  ribbon wrapping on the flower stem, there is another great idea. Look at the picture on the right, bouquets are wrapped in a fabric with strass applications. It looks very fancy, right? You can use another types of ornaments or jewelry to customize yours and your bridesmaid’s bouquets. It makes it very unique and special. Not a lot of brides gives that much of attention to these little details.

Calla lily flowers are beautiful and very different flowers, they can be white but they have a yellow detail too, which makes your white bouquet a little bit colorful. You can also add some small flower with the color of the bridesmaid dress like in the picture on the left; it is a very simple and clean bouquet.

In contrary to dark shades, like navy, indigo, black or grey, the white bridesmaid bouquets look even better. They demand a lot of attention. Another idea is that you can wrap it with a ribbon all the way to the top and combine the color of it with the color of the dress like the picture on the right. On the other hand, you can just wrap a little bit and leave the ribbon hanging like the picture on the left, very stylish.