Top 4 Picks for Bridesmaid Dresses Rental Sites


If you are very, very lucky, you will be selected to be a bridesmaid. If you are even luckier, the dress the bride chooses for her court will be a stunning number that you can wear outside of the church or wedding venue. But for most people, the bridesmaid dress is not something that simple. It tends to be quite stunning, but also quite unsuitable for anything but a wedding. That’s why renting a bridesmaid dress is so important! It allows the bridesmaid to choose a dress that suits the bride’s look but she can then return the dress after the festivities are over. In that case, these best bridesmaid dresses rental sites is something you cannot miss!

Top 4 Picks for Bridesmaid Dresses Rental Sites

Remember, renting a bridesmaid dress shouldn’t stress your budget, provide you with something that is perfect for the big day, and take out the worry of choosing the right look. These sites can help you do just that.

Rent the Runway

This online dress rental service began as a way for individuals to try out the hottest runway fashions without having to pay thousands of dollars for one dress. The site later expanded to include numerous dresses for special occasions, including bridesmaid dresses rental. You can rent the dress for four to eight days. Once you are done wearing it, slip it into the pre-paid envelope and send it back. They even take care of the dry cleaning! If you want to test out the dresses first, you can make a visit to the brick-and-mortar stores in Las Vegas or New York City. And don’t forget the accessories, such as shoes, headpieces and other jewelry.

Visit the site HERE.


Little Borrowed Dress/ Unionstation

Union Station was formerly known as Little Borrowed Dress; though the name might be classier, the dresses are still just as beautiful! The name change was thanks to a change in focus, as the store now offers rentals not just for brides and bridesmaids, but for grooms and groomsmen as well. The fun starts three months before the wedding, when the bride chooses fabric swatches to blend with the chosen colors. Then the bridesmaids can request two sizes of the chosen dress, which is sent out two weeks prior to the wedding. When the bridesmaid dresses rental is complete, simply send it back with no further commitments.

Visit the site HERE.


Vow to be Chic

This site is dedicated to keeping things affordable. To that end, bridesmaid dresses rental starts at only $50 and goes up from there for some of the most notable names, including Nicole Miller and Jill Stuart. Simply choose the dress and submit measurements; the two favorite dresses will be sent to you to try on at home. Send back one, then wear the other for the festivities. Once you have worn it, slip it into the prepaid envelope and it’s on its way to being returned!

Bounus: the newly launched rentable little white dresses is a great way for brides to dress up for their pre-wedding parties by rending a little white dress.

Visit the site HERE.


Weddington Way

This unique site adds a social element that can pull together a wedding that includes several bridesmaids who live far away. The bride simply registers on the site, chooses her favorites, and adds those to a list of favorites. She and her ladies can then compare all the dresses side-by-side. The bridesmaids then vote on their favorites – though the bride still has the final say, of course. She can then add the dresses to the shopping list. Those who live near San Francisco can visit the brick-and-mortar store, but those who can’t get that far away from home can use the ‘try before you buy’ program.

Visit the site HERE.