Bridesmaid Dresses for Larger Ladies: Tips and Top Picks


You’re a bridesmaid on the hunt for the perfect dress – but the huge variety of styles and cuts is a little intimidating, especially since you are specifically looking for bridesmaid dresses for larger ladies. What flatters you? What should you avoid? Are there any specific styles you should consider based on your proportions? These are all questions that may overwhelm you, but we’ve got some easy to follow tips and some great dress picks for you!

How to Choose the Right Bridesmaid Dresses for Plus-Size Ladies

When choosing a dress, regardless if you’re on the skinny side or on the plus size side, opting for a style that flatters your body shape is the key to looking great. Firstly, you need to identify your body shape and you can easily do that by observing where you carry more weight: on your arms and chest (V body shape), around your waist (apple shape) or around your hips and legs (pear shape)? Here are a few tips for each body type in particular:

If you are upper-heavy body shapes, also called ‘V’ shapes or cornet shapes, you'll look best in dresses that emphasize their trim features (their legs and hips). Opt for narrow V-shaped necklines as these have a slimming effect and avoid all types of volume on top, so no ruffles, extra trimmings or shoulder pads.

If you identified with an apple shape, then empire waist dresses are your best friend! Opt for flowy dresses that drop naturally and avoid tight, figure-hugging dresses. Think of your favorite feature and emphasize it with the right dress!

If you are a pear shape, then pick a longer dress with a defined waist to flatter your figure. Emphasize your arms, back and cleavage by opting for a low-back dress.

If you have a more proportionate figure and you carry your weight evenly, then you are probably an hourglass shape and in this case, you’ve got many options when it comes to bridesmaid dresses for larger ladies. Everything from wrap dresses to empire waists and figure-fitting cuts flatter you (although make sure they offer support, hug you in the right places and are comfortable), paired with V-shaped necklines (recommended for all ladies that rocks larger bra sizes).

Consider the way you will be able to move and dance in your dress and make sure it is not too restrictive – however, make sure that the dress you select offers a lot of support and that it feels comfortable to wear. For example, a tight strapless dress may look amazing on the mannequin, but in the context of a long event, plus-size ladies are advised to opt for pieces that have a form-fitting bust or bodice and a looser bottom or column shaped dresses.

Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dresses – Our Top Picks

Sparkles from Head to Toe

Say YES to brilliant sparkles and the prettiest pastel pink hue! This dress has them both and it comes in a carefully beaded mesh that features thousands of shiny details. Perfect for an hourglass or pear shape!

From here.

The Thigh Split Dress

Who said that plus-size bridesmaid dresses had to be boring and lacking in fun and edge? This dress has it all: a sexy thigh-high split, and embellished bodice, lots of coverage on top and metallic gold finishes on top of the prettiest milky grey fabric. Perfect for V-shaped ladies that want to show off their legs.

From here.

The Lace Bodice Dress

Lace and ruffles match perfectly in this lovely dress that is charming and flattering at the same time. Perfect for all body types, this dress is definitely not one of those predictable choices when it comes to bridesmaid dresses for larger ladies.

From here.

The Red Bombshell Dress

If you’re looking for a vavavoom dress that will emphasize your curves, then check this one out: it comes in the brightest red, it features romantic cape sleeves and a flattering V-neckline.

From here.

Vibrant Apricot

Rock this flattering-to-all apricot dress and you’ll certainly turn heads at the wedding party! This beaded maxi beauty is light in fabric, bright in color and bohemian when it comes to its appliques – just check out this adorable floral neckline!

From here.

The Short & Comfy Dress

If what you’re looking for is a dress that shows off your legs, then this may be your ideal candidate: with short sleeves, sequins, and a stretchy lining, this short embellished dress is comfortable, sparkly and trendy at once.

From here.

The Blue Color-Block Dress

The color-block trend is still in this season and if you’re willing to try it out, there’s no better dress out there than this beauty featuring two shades of blue, a bateau neckline and a V back. With the ample skirt and the form fitting top, it is flattering for many body types – a great solution when looking for bridesmaid dresses for larger ladies.

From here.