Bridesmaid Dresses Under 100


Having your girlfriends at your side on this very special day will surely brighten your day. However, as participating in a wedding does come with a range of costs, why shouldn’t you take the burden off your bridesmaids’ shoulders, and have a look at the following bridesmaid dresses under 100. Looking chic, and out of the box, while staying within a budget has never been easier!

Good Deals: Bridesmaid Dresses Under 100

You might think that it’s quite difficult to find bridesmaid dresses that are so affordable, but the truth is that, nowadays, there are numerous physical and online stores offering such bargains. They provide good quality for low prices, so they should not be missed. Some of these stores are ASOS, H&M or LOFT and you can discover some of their amazing gowns below.

Pink, Midi Bridesmaid Dress

A bright color will never look wrong at a wedding, with the condition that the bride approves it, of course. If you plan a rather modern, eccentric ceremony, then this retro, midi dress, in a bold color such as the one in the picture, or another one, of your choice, will fit like a glove. A strapless, dramatic dress goes perfectly with a summer wedding, and the price tag to this one is unquestionably enticing!

Where to shop: ASOS

Soft, Classy Midi Dress

Vintage inspired dresses can bring an ounce of authenticity to your wedding. If a vintage, elegant wedding sounds like your cup of tea, proposing your bridesmaids a dress such as the one below is ideal. The soft, blush color, paired with the pleated, flowy material are a winning combination, not to mention that the lace detail on the top makes all the difference. This style recalls the luxurious feel of the 20th century, the soft, embroidered dresses that complement each body figure.

Where to shop: ASOSDavid’s Bridal

Maxi, Blush Dress

Selecting these bridesmaid dresses under 100 is a definite yes for the bride who dreams of having her ceremony and reception outdoors, on a dreamy location, such as the beach. Pink, maxi, strapless, flowy – all these are features that describe these dresses’ unique charm perfectly. The texture of the material is flowy, smooth and flattering, and we must admit that pink is the ideal color for a wedding day.

Where to shop: ASOSDavid’s Bridal

Lacey, Navy Dress

If you’re more drawn towards dark tones, such as navy blue, selecting a lace dress in this color for your bridesmaids is a definite yes. Lace certainly offers the dress a timeless feel, and typically, it is linked to elegance and femininity. Your bridesmaids will appreciate wearing such delicate, beautiful dresses, at an attractive price. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look spectacular!

Where to shop: ASOS

Maxi Dress, with Embellished Waist

Long, blush bridesmaid dresses grant a traditional, classy and elegant vibe. Given their timeless je ne sais quoi, they are bound never to go out of style. Additionally, a long dress imminently mirrors elegance and simplicity. If this kind of style suits your wedding venue and style, you should look for a Grecian, trendy look, such as the one in the picture. The placket gives the dress a specific charm, and the soft colors, paired with the embellished waistband create a classic combination.

Where to shop: ASOS

Flowy Dress With Ruffles

The model below meets the dress code for a romantic, outdoor ceremony. Since it’s backless, it’s also perfect for a beach wedding. If you’re looking for a bohemian, romantic style, which provides coverage to some extent, but is still attractive and flattering, below is one of bridesmaid dresses under 100 that meet those requirements. At the same time, they will help you fit within a fixed price range. The flowy chiffon contributes to creating an elegant, effortless look, which is the pure image of femininity. This kind of dress complements petite, and tall figures alike!

Where to shop: ASOS

Pleated Dress

If you’re drawn to a minimalist, modern-day look, you might find it difficult to choose the right dresses. Don’t worry, though; there are bridesmaid gowns that meet these requirements as well. For instance, a pleated, simplistic dress, in a bold color, such as the one below, is the perfect choice as it’s elegant, simple, and has a timeless appeal. On top of that, your bridesmaids may have plenty of opportunities of styling it differently and wearing it for numerous occasions after your wedding as well.

Where to shop: LOFT

Midi Lacey Dress

Elegant, midi, lacey, and with a touch of festive, this light blue dress fits perfectly in our list of bridesmaid dresses. This gown is a bargain because of its price range. Moreover, the choice of soft, luxurious material, the back detail and the length compose an elegant, timeless look. The detail in the back adds a bit of charm, at first sight the dress may appear a bit conservatory, but, as soon as you turn your back, there it is – the detail that makes the dress stand out.

Where to shop: HM

Embellished Maxi Dress

This is a stunning, versatile gown, which goes perfectly under the category of bridesmaid dresses under 100. It can also be worn to a classy cocktail party. Therefore, it’s a winning bargain for your bridesmaids. It’s comfortable, and easy to wear, it complements all body figures, and the neck detail makes it elegant and wedding appropriate. This neckline will flatter your bridesmaids’ shoulders, and the embellishments contribute to increasing its charm.

Where to shop: HMASOS

Light Blue Midi Dress

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you can always opt for a light blue color, which goes perfectly for a summer ceremony, and a midi length which is equally flattering and retro-inspired. This kind of dress will highlight your bridesmaids’ waist, and it’s the most beautiful model for a summer, elegant wedding. Not only is this outfit equally chic and classy, but it’s breezy enough to ensure your bridesmaids’ comfort on a hot summer day – that, of course, if you’re planning a summertime wedding.

Where to shop: ASOS