20 Most Flattering Bridesmaid Hairstyles


It’s a time of joy and excitement: one of your best friends is getting married and, naturally, you are one of the bridesmaids. Helping the future bride handle all the aspects of wedding planning is no simple task, and when you need to figure out the details of your own look as well, from the dress to the styling and the hair, it can get a little overwhelming. If you haven’t yet found the ringht hairdo to wear at your friend’s wedding, look no further – here are some of the most flattering bridesmaid hairstyles that suit all face shapes and work well for any type of event.

20 Most Flattering Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Effortlessly Side-Swept

Whether you opt for a low ponytail with loose waves, a messy look or for a simple down do, the side-swept style is extremely flattering and easy to wear.

The Vintage Updo

This hairstyle inspired by old Hollywood glamour is perfectly polished and chic. With perfectly formed curls and its sophisticated aspect, you should definitely choose it when attending a stylish posh wedding.

The Crown Braid

Anther effortless look and oh-so-bohemian. With a thin braid on the crown and lots of wisps of hair framing the face, this style is modern and flattering for all.

Polished and Smooth Chignon

There are lots of ways to wear a chignon – the messy way, the loose way and the perfectly polished way. For an elegant wedding, the latter option works best.

Half Up, Half Down

When it comes to bridesmaid hairstyles, this one takes the cherry on top of the cake: it’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s forever fashionable while flattering all face shapes. If you’re ever in doubt, go with the half up, half down do – it can’t go wrong!

The Loose & Curly Chignon

If the option mentioned above seems a little too rigid for your tastes, yet you do love the look of a chic chignon, then opt for a curly and loose one instead. Finish the look with a floral accessory and you’re ready to go.

Ascending Waterfall Braid

This modern hairstyle is as current as it is trendy. With an asymmetric, ascending design, it can be paired with straight locks or with loose curls.

Grecian Updo

A favorite among bides and bridesmaids: the Grecian updo, with its regal look, it always chic and can be realized and worn in a multitude of ways, with or without braids and with or without decorative headbands.

The Bouffant Updo

A style inspired by the hippie 1960s: the bouffant updo, perfect if paired with thick bangs. Wear it to a retro inspired wedding for an authentic look.

The Wavy Side Downdo

How can this style possibly go wrong? In a sea of bridesmaid hairstyles featuring buns and updos, the downdos are not getting enough attention. But this lovely style definitely needs some supporters!

Bombshell Curls

If you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, then the solution is quite simple. In addition to bronzy skin, you need to say YES to bombshell curls: volume, extensions and loose waves is all your need.

The Knotted Updo

A style on the quirkier side, perfect for a bridesmaid who loves to experiment with different looks – chose it if that fits your description!

Twisted Ponytail

A casual wedding may have different requirements when it comes to the outfits and styling of the wedding party – and there are few better hairstyles you could pick besides this cool and chill twisted ponytail. Simple, casual yet chic at the same time.

The Floral Braid

If simple braids are just not appealing or interesting enough, then how about opting for a floral braid instead? Check out this lovely and romantic look, perfect for an equally romantic wedding.

The Backcomb Bob for Medium Hair

If you’ve got medium length hair and you aren’t sure on what exactly to choose for the upcoming event, then take this edgy style into consideration: a backcomb do!

The Simple Low Bun

One the sophisticated and timeless bridesmaid hairstyles that even actual princesses seem to favor: the simple, yet elegant low bun, perfect for a bridesmaid that loves a classy look.

The Side Bun

A favorite in celebrity world, this hairstyle is easy to achieve even without the help of a hairstylist. Pick this chic do if you are looking for an effortless and modern look.

The Wavy Bob with Hairband

Rocking medium length hair? Then this hairstyle is perfect for you: loose curls on the polished side and a headband to frame the locks nicely – a chic and classy result!

The 1920s Do

A vintage hairband placed on the forehead and tucked locks? Why not? This hairstyle suits best a theme wedding inspired by the roaring 20s, but you can add a modern twist to it and wear it at any event.

Barrel Curls

Curls are a favorite when it comes to bridesmaid hairstyles, but it’s hard to achieve that fancy-event-worthy set of curls without looking too ‘done’ and rigid. With barrel curls, you get the best of two worlds: perfectly polished locks and a lot of romanticism in one style.