10 Pictures to Remember Brittney Griner’s wedding


No fight is too big to turn your back on love the same way that no controversy can ever get in the way of Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s genuine love. After getting into a physical fight that led to the arrests of Griner and Johnson weeks before their wedding, the two finally tied the knot after resolving their personal conflicts and enrolling in counselling sessions.

Indeed, the two blooming brides are proof that love pushes boundaries. While it may be heart-breaking to know that their marriage only lasted 28 days, the fact that their beautiful and intimate wedding was nothing short of elegance and beauty can never be taken out of the pictures; it was a mirror of purity and sheer joy. Hence, without further ado, let’s scan some of Glory Johnson-Brittney Griner wedding double-tap worthy pics that left fans' hearts beating fast last 2015!

10 Pictures to Remember Brittney Griner’s wedding

In-Laws, Say Cheese!

Love conquers all, they say, and Johnson and Griner’s love story is an example of how love can bridge all gaps. While Johnson may have never dated a lesbian before, their love story sparked when they learned to accept indifferences and embrace each other despite their imperfections. The big smiles of the couple and their mothers are definitely proof that they had it all—a perfect love story everyone could dream of. Too bad it ended too soon! Sigh!

Paint the Ceremony White

White is not just a symbol of purity—it looks great on wedding entourage and ceremonies as well! The weekend Glory, Johnson-Brittney Griner wedding took place in Arizona in 2015. The male entourage matched the bridesmaids’ all-pink dresses by wearing cute pink ties. Talk about mastering the art of mix-and-match and there you have it! And yes, we love the floral arrangements too!

The Look of Love

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and we can all agree to that. Judging from all the love expressed by this photo, we can definitely say that the ceremony was filled with so much joy and laughter. Indeed, Johnson’s look of love can make every man and woman envy. Love was truly in the air!

Let’s Not Forget the Mandatory Wacky Shot

Weddings are never just a plain ceremony—it’s an opportunity to celebrate love with family and friends. While we may not be a professional photographer, we sure know that a wedding wouldn’t be complete without that mandatory wacky shot. Yes, you’re not limited to that big wedding smile alone. You can give those pouty lips their well-deserved exposure too! Just look at how naughty-and-nice this photo is and I’m sure you’ll get some inspiration for your own wedding!

A Toast to Forever!

A traditional wedding practice, toasting for the newly-weds is one of the highlights of most wedding programs. What we love the most about this picture is its purity. Candid it may seem, but it’s absolutely a great moment you can always come back to.

And look at Those Authentic Smiles!

It seems like the brides had a blast on the ceremony, thanks to the officiant. One of the things we love the most about the Glory Johnson-Brittney Griner wedding is the fact that the day was filled with pure bliss. Look at those big, picture-perfect smiles and you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

All Hail, the Glorious Veil!

From the impeccable positioning to the elegant background to the long and almighty veil, this photo is just perfection. What’s a bride going to do without a perfectly-seemed veil anyway? Moral lesson: If you want to make the most out of your day, make sure that your veil is all-prepped up for those cameras.

Yet Another Candid Shot

Candid or not, the cameras just can’t help but love this former couple. With their big smiles being the center of attraction in every photo, there is surely no denying that their love may be short, but it was definitely sweet.

The Symbol of Eternity

Ever wondered why rings are the symbol of eternity? Basically, the round shape signifies never-ending love and affection, making it an integral part of every wedding ceremony. So yes, weddings wouldn’t be complete without a wedding ring.

It’s the Intimate Moments that Count!

Every relationship thrives on intimate moments. When you can laugh and dance the night away without having to fake happiness in front of others, then you are truly, madly in love. Indeed, this picture paints a thousand words, and that’s what we love about this ex-couple!