25 Best Sister Brother Dance Music


Brother sister relation is known for the elements like friendship and support. On weddings, brother sister dances are normally held as a replacement of father/daughter dance (if father is ill or passed away). The choices of sister brother dance music should be made carefully. The lyrics should be family-oriented rather than like some sensationally romantic, love song. Here we have compiled some of the best family-friendly songs for brother sister dance, to make it easy for you to select.

Best Songs for Brother Sister Dance at Your Wedding


There You'll Be – Faith Hill (Country)

It’s a touching soundtrack from the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’. The song is a kind of a tribute to a person (brother) who always stood by her side in all her troubles. Wherever she will be, that person would always be in her thoughts and heart.


My Wish – Rascal Flatts (Country)

‘Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, you never need to carry more than you can hold’, The song is a touching amalgamation of pure love and good wishes (from a brother) to a very dear one (sister).


Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion (Pop)

A soulful track that depicts the pure relation of a brother and sister. A brother’s support in tough times is every sister’s strength. The song is all about these emotions. Like these lyrics; ‘You were my strength when I was weak, you were my voice when I couldn't speak.


Sister– the Dave Matthews Band (Rock)

The song is a beautiful and touching tribute to a sister by a brother that is why it’s one of the best choices for sister brother dance music. It’s all about the feelings and thoughts of a brother for his dear sister.


Oh, Sister – Bob Dylan (Folk Rock)

It’s a depiction of a brother’s love for his sister. He is asking for her everlasting love and care. No matter where she goes or lives, it would not affect their relation. As the singer sings, ‘We grew up together, from the cradle to the grave.’


You've Got a Friend – James Taylor (Rock)

The heartwarming song is the true embodiment of a brother sister love. The song beautifully pictures the protection and security a brother can prove, in the times of difficulties. It’s undoubtedly an ideal brother sister dance song.


Lean on Me – Bill Withers (Soul)

‘We know that there's always tomorrow’ that is the thought behind this song. The song is a bundle of best wishes and advises by a brother to his departing sister. The brother is offering his shoulder to lean, whenever or wherever she needs it.


Whenever You Remember– Carrie Underwood (Country)

In the song, a sister is recapping the moments and times that she has spent with her sibling. Through thick and thin, they stood steadily and no hurdles could have stopped them or failed them in achieving their set goals.


Sister – The Nixons (Hard Rock)

The song pictures the situation where long distances do not matter or affect the love of siblings. A sibling calls her/his sister and says, ‘Sister I miss you, sister I see you’. No matter how far you are, you are always there in my mind.


You are my Best Friend – Queen (Pop Rock)

This could be one of the best sister brother dance music. The song expresses the feelings of a person (brother) for a dear friend (sister). He is all grateful to her for standing by him and says, in rain or shine, You've stood by me Girl-You're my best friend.


We Are Family – Sister Sledge (Disco)

A true family oriented song, where all are happy and celebrating with family and friends. The song is about a person who feels blessed to have loving sisters. The song can also be the best choice for a group brother sister dance.


Brothers & Sisters– Coldplay (Rock)

The truly beautiful song is about the importance of togetherness and unity of siblings. When together, they can face all the troubles. There might be times when you feel low, but brothers and sisters always keep each other strong.


I Learned from You– Miley Cyrus (Pop)

It’s a beautiful song that states a sister’s feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for her brother, who has taught so much to her, in life. He taught her, how to stay strong to face the ups and downs.


We Are Going to Be Friends– White Stripes (Acoustic Rock)

The soundtrack is a beautiful piece, cherishing the memories of childhood that every child shares with his sibling. Playing together, going to school side by side and through all those school years, they are still like the best friends.


I don’t Have to Change– John Legend (Soulful)

The song has very realistic approach towards life that is why its best of sister brother dance music. The song is about the feelings of a grownup man who misses his childhood days and sharing it with his sister.


I Hope You Dance– Lee Ann Womack (Country Pop)

The award winning song is a bundle of prayers and good wishes from a dear friend (sister) to another close friend (brother). It’s all about the wishes of a happy and blessed life and staying strong throughout the times.


Little Brothers– Phineas and Ferb (Pop Rock)

A sweetly written soundtrack where a sister is addressing her younger brothers. She loved her brothers unconditionally even if they used to tease her in various ways; like breaking her toys or disturbing her by making noise.


What a Wonderful World– Louis Armstrong (Traditional Pop)

A touching song that actually is a depiction of life cycle. It’s all about changing seasons, people growing old, meeting of friends, rising of a bright day after a terribly dark night. But the singer is convinced that it’s a wonderful life.


Stand by Me – Ben E. King (Soulful)

It’s a beautiful track about the importance of a companion in the times of hardships. The singer is requesting the person he loves (sister) to stand by him through all the odds. He won't cry, won't shed a tear, if you (sister) stand by me.


In My Life – The Beatles (Baroque Pop)

The song is about the years, moments, people and places that the singer has gone through. And still there are some things that will never fade away from his memory and a special person (sister) whom he loves most of all.


Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch (Folk Rock)

It’s a perfect choice for sister brother dance music. The song ideally represents the relation of the brother and sister, who have been through many rough times together. Like the singer sings, “Such a long road we’ve been walking on”


He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies (Oldies- Rock)

The classic song sheds light on the purity of brother/sister relation. The song expresses the feelings of a sibling who not only loves his/ her brother but also is ready to take care of him throughout the life. As he is not a burden for him/her.


Come on get Happy– the Partridge Family (Oldies-Pop)

It’s a happy song about happy times spent with the family. It’s the celebration of joyous moments and happy family time. The song stresses on the pleasure that one gets when he/she is surrounded by the people they love.


Hero– Mariah Carey (Pop-R&B)

The song is a part of our list of sister brother dance music as it is a compilation of many great wishes (by a sibling) for strength to face the troubles. Its message is to keep moving, no matter what happens and in the end, you'll find the way.


Nat King Cole – Unforgettable (R&B)

The song reflects the feelings of two persons (brother and sister) who mean the world to each other. For him that person is unforgettable and will always be in his heart. As he sings, “Unforgettable Tho’ near or far”.