Top 15 Bruce Springsteen Songs for Weddings


Bruce Springsteen croons out some of the best songs we have heard in the modern era. The soulful lyrics with the familiar, homey country stylings reach into our hearts and bring out the magic in moments. There’s no surprise that you hear The Boss so often at wedding celebrations. Here are the top picks for your playlist of Bruce Springsteen songs for weddings, featuring one of the most favorite singers of all time – he’s sure to bring smiles and memories to people of all ages on your special day.

Romantic Love Songs


If I Should Fall Behind- From the Album Lucky Town (1992)

This is a song that talks about how the two of you will never be separated by time or distance – the willingness to wait for each other, to be together all the time. It would be a great song during the ceremony itself. The soft crooning and gentle melody is almost like a lullaby, and is perfect for the nature of the wedding ceremony.


This Life-From the Album Working on a Dream (2009)

The way The Boss croons about how much he loves the new life he has found, is perfect accompaniment for the new life of the newly wedded couple. It’s a perfect blend of rock and soul that is appropriate for use in the ceremony.


Kingdom of Days-From the Album Working on a Dream (2009)

This lively song recounts the hardships of life, but how wonderful it is to be with someone to share it with. With lyrics that move people, talking about undying love and growing old with your partner, it will drive anyone to sentimentality! As you exit the church or the ceremony venue, a wonderful string rendition of this song will be very meaningful.

Audio Visual Presentation Songs


Back in Your Arms-From the Album Tracks (1998)

When there is an audio-visual presentation, jazz it up with Bruce Springsteen songs for weddings. This song about wanting your past lover back is a good, romantic song that can encapsulate the hardships that the lovely couple has gone through to reach the point of eternal union that they are celebrating today. It’s heartbreaking, and will remind the audience of past and present, and how true love will win out in the end.


She’s the One-From the Album Born to Run (1975)

This one is a happier and more lively song that’s about the courtship phase. This is going to be perfect for the photos of your adventures together, making everyone in the audience go through time of your happiest moments together. The infectious vibe and rhythm will have people bopping their heads to the beat and being touched by the smiles of your past courtship phase!


Happy-From the Album Tracks (1998)

Another smooth song that has extremely romantic lyrics, it’s definitely the overall emotion you want your presentations to evoke in your audience! Now that you are finally in each other’s arms, this track is a tearjerker and will make everyone believe in forever and true happiness.

Songs to Keep the Sentimental Mood On


I’ll Work for Your Love-From the Album Magic (2007)

This is a wonderful song about keeping the spark between two lovers through effort and hard work. This is also a nice way for Bruce Springsteen songs for weddings to become more popular to audiences of all ages – Americana songs with soulful lyrics make for a great event! Great for background music.


Fade Away-From the Album The River (1980)

This is a sentimental song that will make dinners soothing and relaxing. Easy listening is important for moments like this – accommodating for wonderful conversations, but still happy and hearty ear candy. Nothing too distracting, and will make everyone feel like they are in a romantic eighties film!


Secret Garden-From the Album Greatest Hits (1995)

Your audience might remember this song being used in the film Jerry Maguire. Throwing them back to the times “you had me at hello,” this will surely be a romantic song everyone will enjoy.

Dance Floor Songs


When You Need Me-From the Album Tracks (1998)

This is one of the ultimate Bruce Springsteen songs for weddings, particularly for the father-daughter dance. This important moment should be all about smiles through tears. Everyone will love this song about the first man in a bride’s life – her father, whom she can always come home to lean on. The Americana folk mirrors the homey feel of the touching moment between the father and daughter.


Dancing in the Dark-From the Album Born in the U.S.A. (1984)

As if we couldn’t make it any more obvious in the song title, we want your audience to have a fun romantic time as well! Rock out and move those legs in this smooth song. Everyone will have a good time with this infectious beat in the air.


Rosalita-From the Album The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle (1973)

What about a rocking song about the wildness of young love? This is a song to get everyone up and running to the dance floor. It’s a hard and fast melody that is all about fun, asking your girlfriends to come out play and just have a good time. This is for when the drinks come out and inhibitions run loose!

End of the Wedding, Start of the Marriage


Because the Night-From the Album Live/1975-85 (1986)

This nice slow song eases the audience into, well, the night. Magical and endearing, the smooth and sexy guitar will transport everyone into another world. The passionate singing is a wonderful send-off for your friends and family.


I Wanna Be With You-From the Album Tracks (1998)

The great energy and latent passion in this track is great for everyone sitting back and relaxing, drink in hand. It’s also a premonition for the couples after such a romantic evening. The heady feeling of love is everywhere, thanks to the Boss.


Thundercrack-From the Album Live at Max’s Kansas City, NY 31 Jan 73

Now, this is how your playlist of Bruce Springsteen songs for weddings should end. Closing your reception program with an energetic song, completing with beautiful instrumentations, it will have everyone leaving with a smile. With the energy of a party, everyone knows they’re not just celebrating a marriage, they’re celebrating a new life!